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Hello! I was just wondering what's the best way to recover after exercise especially running? Yesterday I went for a really tough cycle and after had a recovery shake but was wondering if there is any better way. It's just on Tuesday I have a tough cross country run and even if I take it slow it will still be tiring and I have a cross country race on Wednesday. I was thinking of a recovery shake and banana straight after I finish and some zinc and magnesium in the evening, anyone else have any other suggestions? Many thanks


  • Hi Harry

    So, just to summarise

    Sunday - Tough cycle

    Tues - Tough cross country run

    Wed - Cross Country race.  Is that correct ?

    First things first - I wouldn't do anything today.  Second, how are you feeling today?  If you're feeling a bit stiff and achey I'd perhaps cut down your Tuesday run a bit so you're feeling better for your race on Wednesday

  • Yep that's correct!

    Okay I will not do anything today possibly just a light swim if I feel up to it!,

    Feel a little achey today so will run at a steady pace on Tuesday!

    Thanks for the advice!
  • I try not to do two tough sessions consequitively; if I have a hard race/training session one day, I'll have an easy one the following day.  The easy one helps me recover and I don't suffer with delayed onset muscle soreness too badly.

    It also helps prevent injuries.  I also think that there's some good scientific research that shows that it's important to rest, because during the rest periods is when our bodies adapt to exercise.

    I've read somewhere (maybe on this forum?) that exercise does NOT make us fitter, exercise only creates the potential to get fitter.  It's when we rest, that's when the change takes place, and if we don't rest, we won't adapt - or adapt to the potential we could.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Get drink and protein down your neck the moment you finish. Keep drinking and soak your legs in cold water at hourly intervals.

  • Harry, get yourself a copy of Dr Tim Noakes 'Lore of Running' it will save you years of pointless training and racing.  Most of the excellent advice people give on this forum can be found in that book.

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