running in slaithwaite

I will be moving in 2 weeks and I don't know anyone in slaithwaite. I was wondering if there is a running club there I could join or anyone who goes running who might want a buddy. I am an ok runner, normally run at 8 min miles and try to do roughly 6 to 8 miles on a Saturday morning. If anyone has any information please let me know. Thanks


  • There are a couple of clubs nearby, Meltham is perhaps closest and then there's also Stadium runners or Holmfirth. There's also a fair few folks who all run together and meet up at Parkrun on a saturday morning. 

  • Thank you for this! I do park run now so ill see where the nearest is as that may he a good start! Thank you for coming back to me, thats really kind!
  • the nearest parkrun i know of is Greenhead Park - Huddersfield,
    unless that is your current parkrun? 

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  • Hi sally, thanks but I think you replied to the wrong thread! image

    Daniel that's fab ill have a look! I currently do park run at Heaton park in prestwich but I'm moving to slaithwaite.
  • Ive moved to Crosland Moor for a short while but work shifts. Ive run to slawaitha afew times from Crosland. i tend to run during the day as I work nights mostly. If this is any good to you gimme a shout as I could do with  a running buddy in this area to get me up thos hills !

  • Hi Lisa and everyone, I have just moved to Slaithwaite this week. Just wondering what you found in the way of clubs and running partners? I've been running for a couple of years. I am training for a marathon and went for a short run the other day along the canal and also on a short hilly run which was pretty humbling! Those hills are tough! 

  • Try the canal, from slaithwaite to standedge tunnel and back in exactly 10k

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