Morocco Half Marathon 2013 advice please!

Im quite comfortable at 10K+ , probably doing about 10 miles now on long run.  Want to work up to half Marathon.  Thinking about doing Morocco on 27 January 2013 as a way of motivating myself to keep up training over winter.  Has anyone does this before? Any tips/advice.  Also Im bit confused which day the Half Marathon is on - some websites say 26 January some say 27 January same day as full Marathon.  I was going to fly out on 25 but not early enough if half is on 26! Love to hear from anyone.  first time Ive used runners world forum. thanks


  • Hey Shirl,

    I've no experience of the race... but it sounds a great way to keep motivated.  The weather should be nice to run it... but my experience of winter in Tunisia (similar latitude) was that it was still pretty blooming cold at that time of year!  So if it's warmth you're looking for, investigate to be sure you're happy with the climate.

    You probably know that most HM training plans are 10-14 weeks - so you're pushing it a bit... but you've got a firm base already, so you can read a few, and make your own hybrid.

    If you want to get a good time, then 5 minutes before the start, make an offer on a leather handbag on a nearby market stall.  You'll spend the next hour trying to keep ahead of the vendor as he pursues you for a sale.

    If your heart isn't set on Morrocco, you could perhaps consider giving yourself a bit more training time.  I know people who've done Zurich at the end of February  - and it's spectacular (can be cold!!))  Cyprus on March 10 sounds like it might be worth thinking about - and there are plenty more on  here   Have fun and enjoy it!



  • Hi ShirlRuns,

    Have a look at this page: training for a 1/2 marathon

    Seeing as you are already a runner, you should be able to be ready enough within 10 weeks, as long as you train hard enough.

  • Big thanks for your feedback & tips , much appreciated.  I need to do a bit more research on the Morrocco H/M as suggested, still the thought of doing it is keeping me psyched up so feel like I can face running in the cold & wet weather round Manchester.  Cyprus in March sounds enticing so I'll check that out too.  image


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