Tuberosity of Ischium (sitting bone)

Has anyone else had this???

I am having awful pain when sitting for prolonged periods of time, ie in the car, sometimes at work and when at home on the sofa.

I initially thought it was my piriformis, however I now know its my sitting bone. The only thing I did differently this year was alot of walking as I did the Gurkha Trailwalker, I had a pain behind one knee on a long training walk and did not associate this with hamstring but it was my hamstring.

Just looking to see if anyone else has had this and what you did to help get rid of it!

I do have a foam roller and I am stretching it image


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    Hi Zoe,

    I'm sorry I can't help at all with the sitting bone problem but I am interested in your hamstring, I hope you don't mind if I ask you about it. I developed a pain behind my knee last weekend during a steady 7 mile run and am convinced it's my hamstring even tho everyone says hamstring pain is further up at top of the leg. I tried a short run 3 days later and it was fine for about a mile then the pain was back, now a week of rest later and it still doesn't feel right.

    Did you get rid of the knee pain before the other problem started? All I've done is rest it having fallen completely off the wagon where stretching and foam rollering are concerned ... but I have a place in VLM and need to start gearing up for some serious training ... sorry to hijack your thread like this but after reading around haven't found much helpful info and your comment just struck a chord.

    Hopefully someone else will be around soon to help with your injury - sounds painful image

  • Zoe - your hamstrings originate at the ischial tuberosity - so it's possibly all part of the same problem - tight hamstrings leading to tendinitis at the attachment.

    Have you been to a physio?

    I've had this problem for over a year - much better now with lots of stretching, foam rollering, trigger point therapy from the physio, glute strengthening etc etc.

  • I went to see a private sports physio as I thought it wa piriformis, he said it was a tear in my glute!

    I am a nurse and work on orthopaedics, I was telling 3 surgeons about my pain the butt and they all said in unison it was the sitting bone.

    Katrina, hamstrings are very long, back of the knee was the hamstring for me. You have just over strode and not noticed it at the time.

    When I laid on my front I could not bend my heel up to my bum! my hamstring was literally not working.  Looking back what I did when I walked I must have over strode. I iced my hamstring, back of the knee and thigh and took naproxen, this was 3 weeks before my 62 mile walk, for the actual event it was fine. Knee pain went and I have been careful since not to overstride. I am starting to think this is all the results from walking, change in muscles you use and stride.

    I also got some biofreeze and that worked really well

    K9,I am trying to be really good and stretch, on the foam roller I can feel all the lumps in my butt!  

    I also cant touch my toes so I guess my hamstrings are tight image

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    Thanks Zoe, that is really helpful, I won't panic just yet. I'm also blaming my compression tights which are a bit too short (long legs) and compress in slightly the wrong places! Felt exactly like they were digging in to the back of knee - have donated them to my daughter having got a yummy pair of 2XUs in extra long for my birthday image

    Good luck with your glutes, can't even imagine walking 62 miles ...
  • My daughter had exactly this diagnosed (and confirmed on an MRI). We don't know how she got it, other than perhaps too many spin cycling classes. A long course of Naproxen eventually got rid of it. It's very painful and can go on for a long time - 6-8 weeks in her case - but it will go eventually. Good luck with it!

  • Rule of 3

    either, or, combination of all 3

    1. Hamstring....2. Ischial Bursae.....3. Sciatic Nerve.

    They all communicate and argue with each other. 1 will over time start to influence the other which will affect the other.

    If you're not improving within 3 weeks of starting treatment (whatever they choose to do) then you're in for the long haul (12 weeksish) OR you can pull out the Joker and have an ultrasounded guided jab into the area to help settle 2 of them....

    ...the cause still remains elusive..


  • Yes- i've had the same trouble with the itting on sofa/ in car. Oddly it fels much better after a 33 mile ultra ( lots of walking in that one!). Don't know the solution, but it doesn't stop me running.(Or sitting on the sofa!)

    What treatment are you thinking of, SP?

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