ouch it REALLY hurts!!!!

Two weeks ago went out for a run (as you do), ended up dodging alot of puddles result being had pain around my left hip, it wasn't too bad walking on the flat but was painful going up and down stairs (worse going UP stairs than down). I used a anti- inflammatary gel and did stretches and massage when less painful; this lasted for three days. BUT the same thing happened again this sunday, I was out running for about 6 minutes, exactly the same pain as before and same place, though I think it's more muscular than skeleton. I would be really greatful for any wise words of wisdom.  image



  • ....think I'd go for skeleton rather than muscular! You've tried the self helpy bit which has made you feel better, but are none the wiser in getting any better...

    Go for obvious things like the hip joint or your back.


  • ITB or hip bursitis I would imagine  get it checked by a physio and advice as if it's either of those two it can be a real bastard to get rid of if you ignore it.

    PS... avoid in the future by running through the puddles, it's the best bit image

  • thank you both Six Physio and Loon for your wise words of wisdom. Funny about what Loon said about running through the puddles that's exactly what the other half said!!!!

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