Feeling cold after my runs

Hiya, I've had 2 fantastic long runs over the last 2 weeks - a 6km and a 9.8km. Apart from the usual aches and pains I've noticed I've been really cold when I get home. Any suggestions? Both times I've ran in scapri bottoms, vest top and a long sleeved wind proof top, headband/ear warmer thingy. I find I've been cold at the start of my run, but nice and toasty midway through. I jump straight in the car aftermy run, and get home (couple of miles drive). Any suggestion show tokeepthe cold at bay? I assume I cooling down too quick? Thanks Lisa x


  • have a hoody or something in the car to put on for the drive home?

  • Or drive home cold and jump straight into a really hot shower.
  • I'll give both a bash. Was thinking of putting a hoody in the car, just keep forgetting. Thanks x
  • I always get very cold very quickly after running/biking ... its very normal (for me anyway!!)

  • Think this is normal too. I feel fine when running but it sometimes takes ages in the shower before I have full circulation in my hands again. I have raynauds and always wear gloves in the winter. I have just bought a HH base layer which is lovely and lightweight but keeps me really warm. Don't feel sweaty in it which I can in other base layers.
  • I have the same problem unless I shower and get changed asap.  It may be that your sweat has cooled down against your skin so even if you put on extra layers you may still be cold.  Try changing your top layers completely once you get into the car.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Lisa - this sounds perfectly normal - i'm the same and agree with Liz EE , it will be you cooling down and the sweat cooling on your skin.

    A nice warm shower never felt so good after a long run. If you can't get a shower straight away, dry off and a change of clothes.

  • One more tip - have a hot drink soon after running, it will warm you from the inside.

  • Instead of just a hoody or a sweatshirt try a big puffa jacket. They could warm up an icicle! And having a flask of tea/coffee/hot milk/tomato soup waiting in the car too would be lovely...

  • Thanks for all the suggestions. Ill give them a bash

    Due to have my first night run tonight

    Lisa x
  • Well done with your long runs.

    Don't forget to wear a hi-vis top layer when running after dark!

  • I have been feeling cold after runs also!  I am currently wearing compression top, base layer, windproof jacket, hat, gloves, trousers.  I feel great when running but when I do my warm down heading back I go freezing.  Assume because my compression top is damp.

    Doubt there is nothing much I can do other than man up! haha.

    If I am going from my car I normally bring a change of shirt and take my running stuff off.  Makes you feel less ewwy too while driving home.

  • could it be that your hungry or that you haven't got much body fat so you fell the cold more?

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Yes, I was going to say are you guys eating enough?

    An empty stomach would soon hasten feelings of being cold.


    Sounds like a simple matter of getting chilled quickly after exercise. This happens to some people quicker than others.  I find I need to put something on within 10 minutes of finishing races. So just have some clothing for the whole body to put on including a hat after you've finished.  A flask is a very good idea.


    That said since I started running I've found I have a much greater tolerance of cold and wear probably one layer less on in situations than I used to.

  • I feel the cold, quite a bit, mainly if I'm not moving or after a very hard, long run. Also I'm practically a skeleton - no flesh on my body, which seems to cool very quickly after running. However when running, I'm ok, even when it's near freezing don't feel too cold with shorts and vest or a light top.

    A hot drink is what I normally have, to warm me inside out.



  • Warm hat & a heavy duty fleece is my secret for after run coldness

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