My Mileage last week and aims for this week !

Thought i'd start a thread for people to post their previous weeks mileage and their hopes for the coming weeks training..

Last week i got up to 40 miles, this week its hoping to be 44 with a long run now upto 15 on Sunday!


  • Only managed 35 miles last week due to stuff and life getting in the way.

    This week will see a reduction in my mileage down to about 30 as I prepare to taper next week for my first ever race, the Clowne half on 25/11.

    My hopes are that my new foam roller doesnt bugger me up too. I went on it for the first time last night and this morning I can hardly move !

    Are you training for any particular race Ashman ?

  • Hi Carterusm

    Yeah i'm doing the Helsby half in January, Wrexham in February and maybe Liverpool in March then Manchester full in April thats really what i'm training for.

    Good luck for your first ever race on the 25th.

    By the way whats a foam roller ?

  • Last week I ran Zero miles as I'm resting a bunch of minor niggles. image

    I did however swim a total of 7.5K which isn't too shabby...

    Ashman - a foam roller is basically a tube of firm foam that you roll various muscles over using your body weight to provide the pressure. Google 'myofascial release' to read the purpose of it better than I could hope to explain it. Foam rollers are ace! They hurt like buggery at first but as you gradually ease off all the tight muscles you didn't even know you had, it does get better. I've been using mine for about 6 months and I love it. Great also for reaching bits you can't get at yourself. I use mine on my lower back and my upper back between my shoulder blades as well as my legs and butt.

  • Cheers Ashman, you too. May see you at Manchester.

    RWD - how long does it take to get used to the foam roller ? I had my first session with one last night and it certainly highlighted where the tightness is on me. This morning I'm aching like a bugger

  • 45 miles last week, my largest ever haul.  I'll go for 46 this week, no big leaps needed at this mileage and at this stage in my development.

  • Carter - if you use it every day you should notice a big difference very quickly. Maybe in a week. If it's really sore remember you don't need to be brutal with yourself - for particularly tender/tight bits, you can just put less weight on them. I still can't roll my left calf with my full body weight on it as its full of old scar tissue that's really painful and I just have to work round it slowly as it IS getting better...
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