Which trainers for mild overpronator, but only on one side!

LoueyLouey ✭✭✭

I need to get some new trainers but I'm really not sure what type I should be aiming for.  A few years ago I had my gait checked at a running shop and was told that I mildly overpronated on the left, but not on the right. I'm quite flat footed, but not completely. On the basis of the gait analysis I bought a pair of trainers (Asics GT2140) which I was told were for overpronators. Problem is that they have always given me a blister in quite a specific place (inside of the foot) on the foot which is supposed to overpronate. Because of that I don't wear them very often. I tried them again today and they gave me the blister within 20mins of running.

For the past few years I've generally been running in Nike Lunarglides (4+ yrs old) which don't have a lot of cushioning but don't give me blisters. I have a place in the VLM next year and will be racking up the mileage so I want to fork out on some new trainers that will not give me blisters.  As well as that, I have a (thankfully) recovering Achilles injury which I think will benefit from a shoe that provides less impact on the heel.

So should I go for neutral shoes, some for mild overpronators or something else? Any suggestions?


  • get re tested, you gait may have changed over time, and if its only very mild and only on one side, i would get a neutral shoe personaly.

  • LoueyLouey ✭✭✭

    Thanks. I'm not sure that the shop I was intending to go to does gait analysis (although its a specialised running shop). Mind you, I'm not sure I trust the one I went to before since they recommended a pair of trainers that were probably too supportive. I might have to hunt out another one.

    I found a thread I started 4 years ago when I first had these problems and someone mentioned that lots of Asics shoes cause these blisters. I'm not sure which brand will be best for me in that case.

  • I'd have a look at the new Nike Zoom Elite.  I've been using these since version 3 and although they've changed a bit I've been happy with all of them including the latest, v5, which seems to be more neutral than the previous versions.    I've not been gait-analysed for ages but I think I've veered towards the neutral end of mild overpronation (i.e. normal!).  Maybe we've got similar feet because the only previous problems I've had with other brands are with blistering on the arch, which I've never had with the NZE.  They've got a good level of cushioning for a lightweight trainer, and feel nice and smooth, not clumpy at all.  And see if you can get the yellow ones, unless you're mad keen on flouro-lime.   image

  • LoueyLouey ✭✭✭

    Thanks Phil - will have a look at those. I definitely want some with decent cushioning to lessen the impact on my achilles. The running shops don't seem to sell Nike - it seems very difficult to find all brands of shoe in one shop with shop assistants who know what they are talking about! 

  • Hi Louey,

    I would agee with Marc about getting a gait analysis carried out.  I would really recommend Sweat Shop - not sure where you live but they have shops all over the country.  In addition to a standard gait analysis they will also provide custom made moulds which can then be inserted into any trainer (and shoe).  They also have all the major brands of shoe.

    Good luck!

  • LoueyLouey ✭✭✭

    So I managed to get to the nearest Sweatshop at lunchtime and got my gait analysed. I am slightly overpronating, but not by much. She recommended three pairs of trainers, some Asics (didn't catch the model), Nike lunar eclipse and Brooks Ravenna 3. The Asics were a bit clumpy and I thought I might end up with blisters again so was wary of buying another pair. The Nike's slipped off my heel for some reason. I ended up with the Brooks. - they're really light and she said they had relaunched their range this year and they were lighter than previously. 

    I was impressed with her advice so thanks Rob for recommending them. I haven't been into one before as they've never been in convenient places to get to. She also showed me that my right leg rotates when I lift my leg up and that might be part of the reason for my achilles injury.

    I'm now desperate to go for a run to try them out!

  • Pleased to hear you got some good advice louey! Brooks have a good range, hope they dont cause any blisters. Out of interest what kind of socks do you wear, as they could be contributing to your blister woes. Would really recommend seamless socks- nike do some decent ones.
  • I also have a mild over pronation on one side, but on my right foot.  Also went to Sweatshop for a gait analysis and came away with some Brooks Ravenna 3's!  I find them really comfortable and am very pleased with them so far.

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