DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!!! Programme help required ...

Hi  image      (apologies in advance for really long thread ! )

I'm fairly new-ish to running. Hence, experience runner required. Hvae recently injured my foot by overdoing it (metertarsal liquid relased) and not progressing with running. One could say 'like a bull in a china shop' lol ...

Use to play football and netball etc when younger. I currently attened the gym reguarally and do BODY ATTACK and a few other classes each weeks or every now and again.

My aim is to successsfully cross the BUPA GREAT SOUTH RUN IN 2013 image for I think the 10 miles.

Then If all goes well then possibly a Marathon the following year , then who knows image ! .... 

I believe I can achieve this ...  

The only barrier as it were, is a 'programme' as have limited knowledge. 

1) How long should I run for each week?

2) How frequently should I run? 

3) What should my distance build up be. So week 1 7miles then 8 , 9, 10 and so on ... ?

4) As part of my gym work outs should I do lots of weights / strength exercises ?

5) Would: 2 classes at gym (each are approx 1 hour)  AND 4 specific running weight / strength training sessions of 45 mins each at gym AND AT THE MOMENT FOR THE NEXT FEW MONTHS 3 RUNS A WEEK.  ????????

Is that normal / okay to do without over training and getting an injury.

or is there anything else runners could recommend. 

Please helo. 

Many thanks image



  • How many miles can you run now?  To complete the GSR you don't *need* to do much more than say 3 runs a week.  I hate the gym so I'd ditch all the gym work/classes and just get out for 45mins to an hour 3 times a week then when that's comfy start extending one of your runs like you say by a mile a week.

    Others may come back and extol the virtues of strenght training, etc and yes, it is good to do but to be honest I'm not convinced that it's necessary for the average runner, unless you're particularly injury-prone and therefore need to strengthen certain muscles.  If you enjoy the gym/classes then stick to them but you do need to prioritise the running.

  • Hi amelia,

    I would agree with mitiog, you should be able to accomplish your goal on 3 runs per week.

    If you have a target time you would like to finish in, then Runners World Smart Coach could help you in building a programme.  Have a look at http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/racing/runners-world-smartcoach/3057.html

    If you still want to go to the gym, I would not include a huge amount of weight training.  You would be better off including some cross training i.e. bike or rowing machine - which would help prevent inury.

    Good luck!


  • Mitiog : about 6-7 every run. Am going to keep up gym but for conditioning and when ice outside when winter comes go for some runs on treadmill and couple of classes . Am injury prone. But for the social element aswell image ! ...  Have a programme review at gym soon , so will get his help and advice on exercises and a few weights that can help improve my overall performance.  thanks image 

    Rob W1908 : thanks image link was very useful. Agree with the cross training. Is meant to be good for you and can help improve with performance. I would choose the bike over rowing. But both maybe good. bikefor legs and rowing can help with arms and shoulders. Yes agree, as would make a nice change from the high impact from running which can stress the body. 

     What sort of distance(s) would you recommend ?  ... 

    Dr .Dan: Thanks image 

  • Amelia,

    Do you want distances for xtraining or running?
  • Hi Rob.

    x training please. What would you recommen ... 

    For running am doing couple of miles each week. Then increase by 10 ish % each week. Have seen a good link Dr .Dan has posted. 

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