Same old!

Hi all,

I am suffering with a knee problem which has been ongoing for about 6 years.

6 years ago I was running regular and also carpet fitting at first I thought I developed bursitis of the knee and when my history was given to the GP they seemed to confirm this. They suggested a career change and some anti inflammatories. There was some swelling around the patella tendon in my left leg.

The GP advised me to go and see a physio which I went to two different people both could find nothing wrong with my knee despite both confirming that the patella tendon was swollen both kindly took £50 off me and I was no better off.  I got quite annoyed and unfortunately I have to say I lost the bug for exercise, until 5 weeks ago where I decided to dust off my running trainers and give it another go despite the fact the very dull ache in my patella tendon is still present but 6 years later I am still having the same problem. Don't get me wrong its not massive for instance last week I ran 10 miles but the pain is there and is getting worse now I have started to run again. Since 6 years ago if I squat and then stand up straight my left knee gives out a pop whilst my right does'nt.

Firstly anyone know what the above is? My own feeling is perhaps tendonitis?

Secondly I don't want to keep havin to spend money to see people who tell me there is nothing wrong when I know there is. Could anyone recommend someone decent in the Worcestershire area I am not sure if I need a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Sports Injury specialist?

Any help no matter how small would be absolutely fantastic its incredibly annoying and is having a very negective effect on my life due to the fact I cannot do what I want to do.




  • Did you change your job six years ago or are you still fitting carpets?
  • And in the last six years the pain hasn't really gone away fully at all? Despite you resting it fully. Hmmm. I wonder if maybe you actually have something like osteo arthritis because six years seems an awful long time to be bothered by tendinitis, unless you gave some REALLY bad biomechanical problem somewhere that's causing it....
  • Gave? D'oh! That's 'have'...
  • whyhaven't you asked your GP to refer you for physio.......You might have a wait depending on where you live but you have waited for 6 years now......

    i went with my achillies tendon problems and then later for a knee problem.....both times only had to wait a few weeks and had really good advice and rehab exercises...didn't cost anything for a series of apointments and got me back on track.........

    If I have a back or joint problem i usually fgo to an oesteopath whom i trust.and he sorts it.obviously i have to pay for this but its usually sorted in one session

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