I've received a parcel, and its not for me...



  • its all so simple.just return it to the post office and snd sorted honestly........

    if the small company was worried about it going missing and amazon not caring two shits then the small company would put their details on the outside for return to sender........

    the tax avoidance is something differnt which i would hope the giovernment would sort out as well as all the other tax avoidance

  • RW - you have assumed that the wok was supplied by a small company.  It may not have been, most of the stuff I buy from Amazon is supplied by Amazon.

    It's also not true to say they only look after number one.  They are a business that I buy from regularly because the provide very good customer service.  If there's something wrong with the item, or you just decide you don't want it after all, you can just send it back.

    They keep you informed about shipping, and will break down orders to ship them as fast as possible, with no extra postage costs. 

    I ordered a book twice (doh!), and they didn't charge me to return the second one.

    That they pay bugger all tax is because the system allows them to.  Who would CHOOSE to pay tax where none is due? 

    They employ staff in Britain who pay tax and NI, and customers pay VAT on most of the products Amazon sell.

    Maybe the rules need changing, rather than blaming companies who operate efficiently?

  • Oh, and for the OP:

    I'd contact the supplier, tell them that you have the parcel and invite them to collect it.

    You are not required to send it back, only to let them know that it's not yours.

  • wilkie.i did that when somoene delived a table and chairs when the kids were lucky.it was a catalogue and i had never prdered it but someone else signed for it thinking it was mine.it took the company 4 weeks to pick it up.i was livid as it was massive and was in the way with toddlers in the house...........

    but i was told i was not allowed to leave it in the front garden for them to pick upimage.anything that would arrive now i would just take straight to teh post office and dump there

  • Seren, in that situation, I'd tell the company they had to come within a week, or it was going in the front garden!

  • I said that but was informed at the time that i couldn't......I asked indepedant places and was told that I had to give them reasonable time and that reasonable was something like 3 months............I had previosuly shopped with that christmas catalogue and they had mixed up my details on someone elses order.............i would never go wth that group again after the hassle I had with them

    it still angers me 15 years laterimage

  • Wilkie... Last one for me on this... it's probably gone past being boring already !

    I guess that not every aspect of the Amazon operation is evil... but I think  almost everything they do is self-serving. I think they've worked out that fast delivery wins them business, hence order splitting.

    To pick out a couple of other things..If something's wrong with an item, of course they replace it. The law dictates that they must.  And as for accepting returns of unwanted goods, again the law (Distance Selling Regulations) obliges internet companies to do that, within a certain timeframe. Of course, they cleverly make this seem like it's their great discretionary customer service.

  • My parents once sent some presents for my girlfriend to our old, rented house.  Not only did they sign for them as my GF, they denied all knowledge of having taken them.  The POD said it was their address so after repeated denials, we sent the coppers around.  They confessed to having not only taken the gifts but to having opened them and begun using them (perfume bottle was a third empty).  There was a Next giftcard in there too which they peculiarly denied having had and this ended up enough of a sticking point for the whole thing to end up in court.  It was an absolute fiasco, a total farce.  Full jury involved for a £20 gift card.  We won the case and it cost them £2500. 

    Pair of scumbags.  What a thing to do eh? 

    I certainly wouldn't open it if I were you.

  • image If there were any royal mail employee's reading this I'm sure they would point out that they take missing parsel's very seriously and even have there own police force to track don't thing's. There are billions of parcel's in the system each week so realistically sometimes things get lost or stolen but if they catch them they will bring the full force of the law into it for fun. image

    Just put return to sender on it and no longer at this address kids. image

  • For the record, I had already taken action on this parcel before posting on here.  I was mainly interested in what other people would do.

    The parcel was left in my porch, and it stands almost waist high so I can't get it through the post box and even getting it to the post office will be difficult.

    Today there is a second parcel from the same company, addressed to the same person.

  • Ask the letting agent. When this happened to me landlord was rubbish but I found the person on facebook, so just messaged them directly and asked them for a forward address.

  • You lot have got too much money, i'd keep it, if was crap or worth lots, put it on ebay. QED

  • Fortunately there isn't. Good guys come last, didn't you know that? And how could I lose more than I could gain if someone gives me something for free? Logic?

    Many years ago I bought a pc case, I can't remember what happened exactly, but I ended up recieving two! hee hee, sold one for exactly what I paid for the other, free case!

    A few weeks ago I bought a torch on ebay, I thought the seller was dodgy, he had terrible feedback, but ebay always, always, sides with the buyer, it wasn't an expensive torch anyway.

    The listing was in French, but the seller claimed the item was in Manchester, so should have taken no more than a week to reach me. After buying the item I got a tracking number, which said the item was posted from Hong Kong!

    After three weeks of waiting I opened a dispute against him on ebay telling them he's a fraudulent seller, they said I had to contact the seller, so I tried, went through the motions, emailed this French speaking chinese man who claims to live in Manchester! Heard nothing, escalated the dispute, had to wait a further 11 days to escalate again, meanwhile ebay refunded me in full.

    A week later I recieved a free torch from Hong Kong - now had he sent a return address to send it back to Manchester where the listing clearly stated the item was located and paid postage I would have.

  • Run Wales wrote (see)

    Wilkie... Last one for me on this... it's probably gone past being boring already !

    I guess that not every aspect of the Amazon operation is evil... but I think  almost everything they do is self-serving. I think they've worked out that fast delivery wins them business, hence order splitting.


    I wish all companies I buy from were as self-serving!

    Amazon having worked out that fast delivery wins them business shows that they listen to what customers want.  Other companies should take notes.

    Wiggle may be paying attention: I ordered something from them on Tuesday afternoon (with free postage), and it came the next day.


  • Everything every company does is self serving, they're there to make money, having good customer service isn't philanthropy, it's knowing how much you can give to balance a profit and retain customers.

    Wilkie, a lot of companies offer free postage and up to say a week delivery, sometimes you get your item next day, because they're paying for next day delivery on everything, the only difference is if you pay for next day they get their postage paid, if you don't they have more freedom to juggle their orders for dispatch. If a company doesn't dispatch over the weekend come monday they'll have a backlog, obviously those who have paid for postage get priority, you got lucky image

  • Nick Windsor & Lardarse - I've just been to Sainsburys to procure a few items. I dont know if you are aware but you receive money off or points vouchers when you pay for your goods. I went to the self service checkout and there was a voucher that entitled me to £9 off my next shop if I spend more than £60, which I probably would.


  • Is it against your nectar card Carter ?
  • No. It was a voucher that I can redeem at my next visit
  • Yes but the voucher machine is agai st the nectar card that generated it, the OH tried to use a voucher the other day that was produced by my nectar card, and when the girl swiped it, the til rejected it
  • I used Amazon briefly a few years ago.  They fucked up twice, did not cancel my account when I asked them to multiple times and continued to bombard me with advertising e-mails.  I reported them to advertising standards who sorted it out for me.

    Firstly they delivered something I hadn't ordered and there were no details to be found on how to send it back.  Secondly, I ordered 2 books that were faulty (first chapter printed again as last chapter).  These were Christmas presents for friends which I bought in October.  As 30 days had elapsed, Amazon weren't interested, even though the goods were faulty.  They told me to send them back to the publisher.  Rubbish.  I don't think I can be expected to read 2 books from cover to cover to check for errors when they're the same book and presents for friends.  After that the difficulty in cancelling my account started.  E-mails and a letter were ignored initially, then finally someone confirmed that my account had been closed.  It hadn't.  I'd had enough at that point and reported their complete crapness.

  • Dave - me and the missus both have necter cards and we alternate paying for the shopping. Every week we get a voucher and the following week the other person uses it when paying. We have never had a problem. I don't know if we both have a copy of the same necter card or if we both have our own necter cards with different account numbers ? Maybe that's why the till rejected yours but not mine ? Anyway, the reason I added this comment about the voucher was for nick and lardarse to discuss it, bearing in mind the views they have given earlier in this thread image
  • Please forgive my unwelcome intrusion then
  • Not at all sir, your comments are always informative and interesting !

  • Dave, you have received a compliment, this is clearly in error, you had better send it back.

  • Hi guys, Tesco do the same thing. I get sent vouchers to spend generated by my points card which only I can use.  I also sometimes get a money off voucher from the till eg £5 off my next £40 shop which anyone can use. All these strategies are designed to make you spend more however you look at it. I've often wondered whether Tesco put their prices up a little everytime they have a spate of issuing these 'money off' vouchers..... Having said all this I use them and 'saved' myself a few quid last week!

  • Nick - the vouchers are generated at the self service till (you also get them at the normal checkouts) when you pay for your items. A voucher was just left lying around, presumably left by a previous customer. I took said voucher. What would you do; a) take the voucher back to the staff and explain. Bearing in mind the customer who's voucher it probably is has gone and is unaware that they had the voucher or b) use the vocuher yourself to get £9 off your next shop. If I dont use it then I guess it will remain unused. Would you prefer somebody makes use of that voucher who technically should not have it or let the money grabbing supermarkets save the £9 while the voucher gets unused ?

  • Why not ? Do you think it is morally wrong to do so ?

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