I've received a parcel, and its not for me...



  • MikeFrog wrote (see)

    Dave, you have received a compliment, this is clearly in error, you had better send it back.

    Pass me my diary .....................

  • I'd rather do the right thing and be happy with the sort of person I am (albeit a poorer one than I could be) than be little more than a thief, deeply unhappy about what sort of human I am but have a few extra quid in my pocket

    It honestly never ceases to amaze me how ready people are these days to suspend all sense of morality in the pursuit of making themselves a little bit more wealthy.  Is it really making you happy, giving your life a sense of purpose and meaning?  I find it impossible to believe.

  • I can believe that people nowadays have a different view and moral outlook, I agree with the what you say, I would rather go without than have something for nothing that I'd received in the wrong way.

    The test is how would you tell your 12 year old child to behave, I doubt many people would encourage them to take something that was not theirs to take.

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