Advice for young runners

My son has run a few races at school and has finished very well.  He is keen to do more.

There seems, however, to be very little easy access for younger runners.  Ideally looking at both races for under 13 and also training/clubs.  Can anyone help?  Living in Wiltshire, near Bath.


  • parkrun is very young runner friendly, and best of all its FREE!

    think there may be one near you at trowbridge

    or you may find another one thats nearer

  • If he has any real talent - I would direct him to Bristol AC or one od the other athletic clubs in the area rather than encouraging him to run 5Ks - at a club he will get proper coaching below is a link to running clubs in the Bristol area - but I would find him one that caters for young people - I think Bristol do have a flourishing young peoples section.

  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    Another vote for an athletics club. My daughter (also13) joined our local club recently and they have a special section for juniors. They do a real variety of stuff which is great at that age - recent sessions of hurdles, shot put and pole vault as well as the usual running stuff. She dips in and out of parkrun but for some kids (including her) 5k is still a bit far to plod and not so much fun.
  • I only mentioned parkrun as our local one has quite a few children who really enjoy it, some as young as 6 who run/walk it. they love getting their 10 club t-shirts.

    also you will find a lot of people there who are in the local running clubs to talk to. image

  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    True, although personally I think it shouldn't be allowed - far too demoralising being overtaken by 10 year olds image image
  • The Bath skyline 10k events have a 5k event for 11yrs and upwards which I can recomend. Its proper off road stuff on the same course as the adults. Plus you can look around the uni after.

  • Wessex & Bath AC also have a junior section - not sure if that is closer for you. We used to race against them, and they're a nice, friendly club with all ranges of abilities.

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