David Morrcroft UK Athletics Chief Chappy - was it you in Brum

I was doing a canal run into central Birmingham last Sat morning ....... I followed a couple of runners for a while and I jogged by as the tall male slowed to wait for his female counterpart ........ we exchanged pleasantries and as I carried on my run I realised it was David Moorcroft or his double ...... anyways he was flipping massive but pretty trim ........ now you don't get to really judge someone in 3 seconds but I will anyway ..... and I thought ... nice guy ... 

So was it David M ......or was I mistaken I kinda hope it was as it is reassuring if our senior Athletics reps are our running with the masses ......or rather the odd stragler up and down the Birmingham toe paths on chilly weekends


  • I met him many years ago at Crystal Palace, just before he retired - he and his wife sat with us - he was running the Emsley Carr Mile -  which I believe he had won previously - he seemed to be a nice grounded guy - his wife took the mickey out of his efforts in the race saying that his days were numbered -

  • Hi Grendel ..... thats a nice anicdote maybe it was him then ..... I will keep an eye out next time I run that stretch ........Emsley Carr Mile .... flipping heck that takes me back - not heard that reference for a while ......

  • There again Nick, he might have thought how nice it was to pass the time of day with a pleasant person rather than some of the t***s you might come across on a running forum.
  • Evening Nick ....when out running we come across other runners and cyclists .........I find that 80/90% acknowledge as we pass ....some a thumbs up a few say morning/hi ......I am a thumbs up type of character  , Mr Moorcroft - or his stunt double looks like a morning/hi type of person ......and then maybe 1 in 10 are too preoccupied in their own self importance to react at all.........I guess you are in that minority but it takes all kinds .........  

  • Interesting comments you post on these forums nick - is this how you usually spend your evenings?
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