Post race treats

Was just pondering on this, as I am a bit bored at work....! 

Does anyone else treat themselves after a race?  My O/H and I usually treat ourselves to a post race curry from our favourite curry house, with a few beers.  Or it could be a McDonalds breakfast the day after a race.  Either way, it's always something that we've cut from our diet during training as it's not that healthy and hence viewed as a 'treat'.

Is this quite common, or are we just weird?? image


  • I'm a full time greedy bastard so 'treats' form a part of my normal diet.

    (Apart from McDonalds which I don't really like)

  • I remember after running my marathon PB, all I wanted was an ice cream.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Usually go to the pub and the have a curry. In the summer when I do our local 50k then a BBQ at home.
  • Yes, and not just races.

    I had an ice cream a few weeks ago after a long run. I actually wondered whether it was a good post run snack. The balance of carbs and protein must be close to optimal?


  • image But maybe sightly biased toward fat. image

    I usually want water or if it's cold then a cup of tea. Neither are treats but I usually don't fancy anything after a race.

  • fruit pastels, no idea why i crave them on hard or long runs

  • I did my first ever HM a couple of weeks ago in the pouring rain and there was a lot of banter going around about what 'treats' we were all after- popular ones seemed to be wine, beer, chinese, curry or pie. I wouldn't have fancied it straight after, but 6 hours later it was delicious (chinese and wine for me, although I could only manage one glass before I fell asleep). 

  • Curry and a few jars.  Just "let it all hang out" stuff.  Deep fried starters, dirty great meat fest main and some naan bread washed down with some lovely ale.

  • A man after my own heart SB
  • Nothing better than I nice Chinese after a tough race!!

  • After a particularly gruelling race (e.g. Sunday just gone) I like to treat myself to a Sunday roast straight afterwards AND a curry in the evening.  Amazingly I think it's the first time I've ordered saag paneer with my chicken chilli massala and it went down a treat.

  • Excellent, so not just us then, which is good to know.

    Got a race on Sunday so afterwards it'll be a nice cold pint of shandy and the slab of white chocolate I bought from Hotel Chocolat (obviously after a recovery milkshake and lots of water) and then a lovely curry with naan bread for tea - it's almost worth the run.... image

  • Yep I'm with Lou I'm a full time greedy bastard . Same food just different excuses!
  • pizza is my pre, during and post race treat.

  • My post club-run treat last night was a Goat Curry, with 'Rice & Peas' that I'd bought during the day in Leeds, from a Caribbean cafe up Roundhay Roadimage

    Paired with a couple of bottles of Supermalt


  • Just read this thread and for me too it's fruit pastiles on during or after a long run so much so i take a pound or so with me in case the urge gets strong. No idea why as I don't east them normally. Run has to be 12 miles plus for the urge to kick in...after race I usually just feel sick! Give it a few hours and I gorge myself on crisps and chocolate pizza curry anything!
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