Searching for a training partner for Comrades 2013 in Manchester area


I am already a member of a running club but I am looking for anyone in the south manchester area who is training for some sort of ultra marathon! I am doing the comrades in June 2013 and looking to do it in under 10:30 mins. My marathon time is around the 4:10 mark and looking for someone who is a bit faster than me that can push me along! Let me know if you are interested or can point me in the right direction!


  • Hi Lorraine - have you joined the Comrades Facebook page? You may find a running partner there plus lots of good advice of course.

  • When an old club colleague trained for the comrades, for his long runs anyway, he would do a few miles before a long run, join us for a 20 or whatever and then stick a few more after so he had company for parts of the longer runs.

  • Lorraine - Carmen is back on the Comrades thread - she's local to you...

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