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Ive doen a couple of ironman events and during my planning and training ive had a few problems with training plans. As I work away from home ive always struggled with fitting a plan into my free time.....

So I am creating an iPhone app to do this.

Ive already worked on some major apps, so technically im ok, im just wondering what other peoples thoughts are on an app like this.

Please feel free to offer suggestions etc, also please add yourself to my mailing list on my landing page.


  • Easy turn what ever training prog you are using into a "PDF" and then copy it onto your iPad, iPhone I have mine on my blackberry
  • so far what the app does is generate a plan for you, then it allows you to move sessions around, the key difference is if for example you try and do a couple of long runs 2 days in a row, or you arent having enough race days (the rules are the same rule as the planner that created the schedule in the first place) it will show a warning and advice what to do.

    I used to take photos of my plans! its a good way.

    Im just looking to add a little more.

  • I use an excel spreadsheet to generate the plan
  • it would be useful to be able to input the total number of training hours you plan to do per week (eg Swim 2h, bike 4h, run 3h) and then be able to update it on a daily basis to see how on plan you actually are and how you're progressing

  • Training Peaks available on the web already does that

    A few of us used the Fink plan converted into an excel spreadsheet, that also keeps a total for you.


    I'm more interested in how Daren's app generates a plan for me ?  What qualifications has Daren or his app to set my training plan ?

  • i assume that if the app is generating a plan, then there is some qualifed input from someone who understands coaching/training.  for example how does it decide how many 'race days' are enough, or whether two back-to-back long runs are inappropriate?

  • And I find working away from home a lot, really helps with my training as there is no one to nag if I go running at 6am, or don't eat til 9pm

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

    And I find working away from home a lot, really helps with my training as there is no one to nag if I go running at 6am, or don't eat til 9pm

    And there it is!

    Whilst Finking and travelling I'd sit down with a pen and paper and work out the schedule, if I couldn't do it in Fink's order. Admittedly, I didn't have an iPhone.

  • Ah... Buut it's not as good if you haven't got an app for it.......

  • I use my phone for creating my plan when I'm out and about with work. Generally I've got a pen and paper, but without the iPhone I just wouldn't get them nice straight lines...

  • Fink on excel and training peaks are all I use really. I adapt that whenever I need to aswell. E.g if I need to do more on the bike or if I am injured. Be surprised if an app could do that....
  • FFS - I work the plan out in Excel as it has neater hand writing than me. Then stick it on the Fridge. I look at it on Sunday and seem to be able to remember what I am doing during the week. Not sure an app is required to remind what day I am spending all day riding or going for a massive run.image


  • something that takes a plan into a measurement would be usefull. I had the idea - wich cant be protected - that IF I could load my FINK program into my Nike+ Id be happy. I mean, Id have the plan and id have actuals so Id have my variance and could improve the plan.

    Or, excel, nike+/calendar/garmin910. image


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