new to running

recently started jogging done three 5 mile runs ... quit smoking three weeks ago as ive been smoking for 15 years... ive always played football once a week to keep fit  ( well try to)   my last run i got the stop watch out and i done the five miles in 37.50..... im wondering if this is a good time for a beginner and an ex smoker ? cheers


  • sorry it was 37.30 

  • Hi Stuart,

    I would say that if you can manage a 5 miler in 37 minutes you have a good level of fitness already which is probably been helped by playing football.  I think a lot of people who train regularly would be happy with that time - so well done, and on stopping smoking!  Keep it up!


  • thaks rob.... im hoiping over the next couple of months to get it down to 6 mins per mile... wish me luck


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