Snowboarding vs training!!

I have enetered to run my first marathon in April 2013. My training has started now with a mixture of long runs, short runs and farklek, running 4 times a week.

I have also recently learnt to snowboard and have been brave enough to book a weeks holiday beginning of feb! Now should I take my trainers on the holiday with me? The chances of running outside are very low altho a gym is nearby which I could use. Im going to do my long runs before and after I go but should I even attempt the others baring in mind I will be on the slopes all day, getting plenty of exercise. I also dont want to over do any training! Help!!!!


  • I'd aim to have a hard week the week before your holiday and then just enjoy yourself.
  • I remember snowboarding as a beginner being hard, painful work, particularly if you are a 'slow learner' like me.  I know I wouldn't have had the energy to run during my first boarding holiday and I wouldn't have the inclination to do so now.

    So get your long run in before, try not to break anything and then once the bruising has subsided you can start training again.

  • I've taken my trainers with me on a skiing holiday, and ended up doing a run when the weather was too bad for skiing and we decided to take the afternoon off.  I've also had a very nice run around San Francisco Bay, before transferring off to Lake Tahoe, all within marathon training.  But I think it's equally reasonable to take the week off running and regard the boarding as cross-training as a cut-back week, making sure you get your long runs in around it.  Up to you really.

  • Thanks guys. I might take them just incase we do have a down day! Ill certainly try not to break anything image


  • Snowboarding sounds like so much fun. I hope you enjoy your holiday. image I don't think a week away from running will do you that much harm as it sounds like you are going to have a fairly tough week.

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