Fractured Metatarsal not healing

I have a fractured metatarsal that hasn't healed after 12 weeks and on the x-ray shows no signs of healing. They are now talking about putting a screw in it and I just wondered if anyone has any experience of this ? Is this something I want or what are the other options ? Would this be likely to increase or decrease recovery time ? (probably a daft question bearing in mind the last 12 weeks)


  • Crikey!! My foot is in pot due to a stress fracture and i've been told it should be off in 4 weeks, where is yours?


  • It's the base of the 5th metatarsal. I was driving after one day, only wearing the shoe half of the time after a week and by the end of the second week the shoe was gone and I was using the cross trainer, after 3 weeks I was going to spin class twice a week and after 6 weeks I was discharged from Fracture Clinic. After another week I was running and built this up over the next 3 weeks but pain returned and I went back for another x-ray. All of the above was with fracture clinic/Physios agreement and seemed to be going OK.
  • Good Grief!! Mine was put in pot a week after I had done it (running of all things and kept trying to run on it whilst broken, idiotic I now realise).The consultant also told me that when the pot comes off there is to be no running for at least another month and after reading your thread I think I will follow his instructions to the letter!! Really sorry for your ongoing problems and hope your fracture will resolve itsef without the need for a screw in it as I think that would put you out of action for quite a while.

  • Might not be a bad idea to follow their advise !! I broke my metatarsal two weeks after I started back running following a broken Fibula.
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