Saddle dilemma

I have a saddle. But no horse.

I need to ship this saddle abroad to my sis but I don't have big enough box.

I've asked all over but I can't find a box that size. Nobody has one.

Before I have a box and approximate measurements and weight, I can't get a quote of what it's going to cost.

Don't know if it would be cheaper to ship it or take it as an extra luggage when I go over there for Christmas.

It doesnt help that I don't have a car. Even if I could get a box somewhere, I need to think how to get it home. Then if I get to pack it, how do I take it to the post office.


I've had this bloody saddle for weeks on the arm rest of my sofa. My sis keeps asking when is it going to be delivered. I said I'm too busy using it and pretending that my sofa is a horse.

Life is so hard.

Damn you sis.

 Where can I get a box from?


  • I've bought boxes online before from I don't know if they do single ones but they deliver them, otherwise go to one of those storage places such as big yellow storage or whatever its called as they are bound to do them and it will be folded flat.
  • saddles are so heavy.......i would be tempted to just tell her it broke

  • Thanks rich I never thought of that! Didn't think you could buy them!

    This one isn't heavy. It's syntethic lightweight one. Special one you can't really get over there.

    I don't mind doing this for my sister but its just so much hassle when I don't have a car image
  • Does it really have to go in a box?

    Can't you wrap it in loads of thin bubble wrap, then into a heavy-duty plastic bag (thinking of the type I often receive deliveries in - you may be able to buy these at Post Offices)?

    Also you can buy folded boxes at POs.

  • Rent a horse and ride it there? (Then post the horse back)...

  • Post it back in a 'Horse Box' ?

  • Rich Jackson wrote (see)

    Post it back in a 'Horse Box' ?

    Good idea! Having said that though, I'm sure it would be safe sent through the post in a "saddle bag"!

  • Neh neh, why dont you try the pony express ?

  • I'm pretty sure you can buy ANYTHING off the internet. Your sister could buy her saddle on there.  


    And then you can still ride your sofa - Gangnam Style ?

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