Dustboy's Winter Warmer ride

Bit parky for silly rides so about 20 miles starting from Pirbright Village Green in Surrey, near Woking. Sunday was asked for by a potential attendee and I want to get Gladys out too.

Emphasis on social, flattish, nothing you have to get out of the saddle for, pub open for lunch after on the green, free parking, quiet Surrey roads, light traffic. And my fave descent zigzagging down through the Mytchett ranges.

And a warm up for Soupy's winter ride up Marlow way, (bring your single speed/fixie if you dare) that's a hint Soupy.

List so far

Lord H (Dustboys mate)
training hill (his fault)




  • Potentially. We should probably do a brick after that.

  • Ha! Am racing that day - the 3 Molehills from Denbies! image

  • 'Racing' Gladys? image

  • I was thinking about the Marlow ride today and wondering if the weather was a bit cold but you obviously think not. Can't do that till January though. 

    edit - can't make 25th Nov image



  • List
    Lord H (Dustboys mate)
    training hill (his fault)

    Hope the weather is in our favour.

    If the route and lunch are good, it could be repeated in the new year for Soup Dragon, Gladys and anyone else interested.


  • I had Sunday roast at the pub on the green on a previous Dusty ride around his 'ripple' and that was lovely!  The ride wasn't half bad either!  Sadly, I can't make this weekend either!  image  More West Country visiting going on! image

  • not looking good image

    I'm easy for most weekends if you wanted to try some other time.

  • I need to check the diary but might be able to postpone by a week or so. Any better for everyone?

  • The following week (1st Dec) is the Pirate Christmas do in Bristol!

  • I can do the Saturday that week but not the Sunday.

  • I am happy to postpone if it suits, plus it gives me more turbo time.

    I am free on
    Sat 8th Dec
    Sun 9th Dec, then busy until
    Sat 5th Jan
    Sun 6th Jan

  • No good for me, w**king that day

  • It'll make you go blind all that w**king Foo!  

    Keep paying the pension lad!!  Keep paying the pension!  image

  • You know Siggy, accident do happen on them hills........

  • I need to get back on my bike again...I'm free 25 Nov and 2 Dec...probably 9 Dec too!
  • I think I will do 25th anyway and probably 9th as well, for UC, steady and Gladys as well as everyone else!

    And boy, have I got a route for the next beginners guide in the Spring! All new route, only 5 lumps but quality, not quantity. I hope to cordially invite Mr Smith along for his seal of approval too.image Only a few months away...


  • Lol! I will tell him Dusty image

    He's doing Gatliff next Sunday and working on 9 Dec but as I've cycled more this year than he has (still hardly anything) he would really suffer if he could make it!!
  • His talent as an under the breath chuckler at other peoples suffering on the bike is unmatched in the solar system. image

  • I'll get the first ride out the way, then see if you want me back on a second one. Looking forward to it. Did a 90 min turbo session today, really need to start upping the time on my "long" ride.

  • I don't think I can make any of the dates image

    25th is the next league XC (DB you absence will be noted....), w/e after is Pirate xmas party, then XC each weekend until Christmas.

    Hilly, can you ride outside on the weekend?

  • Have you got a link for those XCs again Cat please? Fancy getting dirty again. Are they the cheap ones you get food with after? ABout 5 miles?

  • IronCat, can ride outside, normally would do at the weekend. Bike was left on the turbo from the last ride and as i was a little pushed for time it was the easiest option yesterday.

    Any how, isn't dusty's route all under cover and in a nice heated environment?

  • Dusty will be giving up a muddy XC with el cheapo grub to do this ride. Cover is trees, heating is how sadistic I feel but thank your lucky stars I am not Smiffy!

    I THINK we havefor this Sunday (let's say 10am, done by 12pm)

    Lord H
    Lord H's 12 year old
    Steady CJ
    training hill

    Steady and th, do you need more info?, Pirbright Village Green adjacent to village hall car park 10am.

    Who else?


  • Lord H's 12 year old!

    Bringing a 12 year old along just to show me up is pretty lowimage.

    I should be abel to find it from those directions, used to work at the volvo dealership there, pretty sure i remember the village green. A 10 start may even give me time for Farnham Tri's morning swim session.

  • Turn left out of the Volvo dealer ship, stay on the road, pass the green with it on your right and turn right at the traffic lights just after teh village hall into the car park on the side of the road.

    To be fair, Lord H's 12 year old may need to take it easy but Lord H knows the route anyway.

    Fingers crossed for the weather. Must pump me tyres up, totally flat. LOL!

  • At least with a 12 year old I know that I am likely to be the slowest. I will attempt to find the village hall on my way home from Frimley on Thursday, I am a bit rusty on my navigation in that area. 10am start is great.

  • Oooh, forgot to update this thread- I should be along to play tail end Charlie.

  • Always welcome Ferret!!!image

  • I take it that Dustboy and Ferret will be wearing pirate colours. I have now driven through Pirbright and spotted  the village hall, the green and 2 pubs, so should find it OK. Hope the weather improves or else we will get blown away.

  • Will probably have pirate bike jacket on, they are brilliant.

    Don't bring your aero wheels unless you want to fly away.

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