Gosport Half-Marathon


I'm desperate to run this event (November 18th, 2012) as I want to run under 75mins to qualify for championship London marathon place.  If somebody can no longer run and wants to sell their chip to me it would be much appreciated.  It would have to be posted first class by the end of today (15th or 16th at the latest) ! or pick-up in Gosport.  I'm not sure if this can be done but will contact organisers to find out if possible and if someone has a chip?????


  • This may be your lucky day - I'm pulling out, and if the organiser will let you take my place then it's yours

  • My race number is 160, let me know what the organisers say and then hopefully we can find a way of getting the number to you. I'm not bothered about any cash, I'd just rather see someone use the place if poss

    Edited to include the sentence below from the organisers website - sounds like it should be doable......

    The only acceptable situation is to contact the race director with a substitute runner nominated and he can arrange for your number to be swapped.

  • thank you so much for your offer - i will contact the race organisers now.  i would be happy to send a cheque or if you're not too worried  about cash, perhaps I can send you some freebies in the way of cards from my shop/gallery. they are very nice useful cards - theblankcardcompany.co.uk  my email is info@galleryontheusk.co.uk - i will let you know if i get a good response asap.  has a number / chip been sent to you? or do you pick up at gosport?  i will keep you posted.

  • thanks so much again - just another thought - if you are sure you no longer want to run it might be prudent to send me the number / chip while I wait for a response from the organiser as only friday and possibly saturday to receive post! - I am very grateful and more than happy to reimburse with either cheque or goodies.  the address is:

    Gallery on the Usk, 49 High Street, Crickhowell, Powys, NP8 1BH

    thanks again and look forward to hearing from you, chris - email is info@galleryontheusk.co.uk


  • Chris

    You have mail.....

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