Pain with new shoes

I recently switched from Nike Pegasus to Asics 1170 after a gait analysis showed I was a slight overpronator. Also, the Nike’s were hurting my little toes on longer runs. I’ve been out for one short 7km run and two long 14km runs (same surfaces as always) in the Asics and my toes no longer hurt but my IT band has started playing up again (I had been running without any pain for a good couple of months prior to changing shoes).

Should I switch back to my old Nike’s to see if the Asics are the problem?

And long term should a try a neutral Asics as they seem a better fit for my toes?

Or is this just coincidence that the IT band problem started reoccurring when I changed shoes?


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Try your old Nikes, and if the pain disappears its likely to be the Asics.

    I've been there and done that, where shoes recommended by a shop ended giving me knee pain.  Unfortunately we're all different so sometimes certain shoes just don't work for you.  However, if a shoe does give you bad pains (i.e. more than the normal "bedding in" aches) the problems outweigh the cost of a new pair of shoes, if you try to continue in the wrong shoe.

    The Nikes were a neutral cushioned shoe, but it sounds like they were a bit tight in the toe box.  So you may want to look at other cushioned shoes with a wider toe box.

    Whilst gait analysis can be useful, its more of an educated guess at the most appropriate shoe rather than a cast-iron gurantess that the recommended shoe will work for you when you start putting the miles in.

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