I'm pretty confident I could beat Usain Bolt

in a half marathon image

what about you?


  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    If it were run tomorrow, or does he get time to train?

  • i'd give him a week to train. maybe.

  • I've often wondered what my Bolt-Equivalent distance might be.  Pretty sure I'd have him over HM but what about 5k?  I've got no idea what his endurance is like.

    At what distance would Mo Farah and Usain Bolt meet??  Who'd do better in the high jump?  Eh?  Eh??

    I'm off for a jog.  Answers on a postcard / fag packet, etc...

  • Read the article Usain over 10K. Would be fun to reel him in. Carried Olympic Torch on same day as Darren Campbell, who smiled when asked if being a sprinter, he could manage 300mimage

  • i don't think it would take long for mo to catch usain. his kick isn't too shabby. 800 metres tops.

    a lot would depend on usain not losing interest and disappearing off to pose/eat chicken/chat up girls image

  • A 23 second 200m would suggest a 64 minute half marathon. The calculator doesn't let me put in a 19.38 or whatever his WR is.
  • I understand his HM PB is 84 minutes. Can you beat that?

  • Usain bolt is fitness personified - I'm usually in the top 15% of finishers but I wouldn't be to confident at getting anywhere near him in a half!
  • peter - yes! (just) image (just)

  • The only sprint legends I've heard of who ran half marathons were Iwan Thomas and The Essex girl who lives round here. They don't run great times but I don't think they take it very seriously. I think if a talented Olympian like James Cracknell can run fast times ( by amateur standards) then so could sprinters like Bolt. I'm pretty sure he has no inclination to want to try it though. What would be his motivation?
  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    What would be his motivation?

    To beat me!

     I once beat Jenny Wood-Allen in a sprint finish so I have the credentials.

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  • Ahh yes very impressive scalp
  • James cracknell was a professional rower, which is a different kind of fitness to an olympic sprinter (albeit a pretty decent one).

    He is also an endurance racing nut so more likely to do well over a longer distance.

    Bolt is obviously stronger and fitter but I still reckon i'd beat him.

  • Sally Gunnell. Remembered her name now.
  • sally gunnell never looked like she was particularly taking it seriously, even when she was winning Gold. she has that very ordinary vibe, even when she is being exceptional.

  • Nice debate dude but seems we will ever know since they are unlikely to bring back Jim'll Fix it!
  • Richard Whitehead sprints as well as running marathons, although I believe he only ran the 200m at the paralympics because that was the longest race for his category. 

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