Compression type sports bra

As above, looking for recommendations please. I like the no adjustable straps or clips very elastic pull on type with a racer back. Local running shops don't stock a huge range and I'm loath to just mail order by chance and hope I find a good one. Main problem I have is most of the ones I try are too long - the elasticated bottom band is often way too low. I used to like the Nike ones but now they seem too compressing and not elastic enough - I'm maybe between two sizes but the medium restricts my breathing and the large feels loose on... I also like vests with built in bra-tops but the same problem applies - my boobs are nowhere near the bottom of my rib cage thank you very much!


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    have a look at 'sweaty betty', I have a range of colours!

  • I do not like the sportsjock sports bras as I find that they are too big, do not compress what little I have and there is too much room in the shoulder strap to provide any support. - That's me, I wear xs or xxs in everything.

    Shock Absorber have always been good, it's a matter of finding something you like when the product is available. They change their range so often.

  • Thanks both.I shall check out Sweaty Betty.

    I've looked at all Shock Absorbers stocked in the running and sports shops near me. One of the problems (common to just about every manufacturer) is that they seem to think that boob size increases with chest size, so you can buy 32As and 34As but as you get up to a 38 (me) they all seem to start at a C cup. Bah! Also the compression type ones often only go up to a 36 for the same reason. And when you do get them in a 38 they expect you to be filling them with massive boobs so they're often about as long as a small vest!

  • I don't like the compression ones for running, as I find they're not quite supportive enough for me, but I do use them for some other sports and have one that's surprisingly good from H&M. Surprisingly because I wouldn't think of it as a sportswear shop, but they do have a sports section with some okay stuff and it's cheaper than Sweaty Betty. Also the one I have is quite short (the bottom is where you'd have a normal bra).

  • Ah. I've got a rather old vest-with-built-in-bra that's maybe the best of its type I've ever had, and it came from H&M. It's their own brand LOGG. I never thought to look there cause the last time I went they didn't have any sports tops at all.

    I shall go check them out again! Many thanks image
  • They seem to have a special sportswear range now, though might have to be in a bigger branch... I've got one of these:

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