Running with an upset stomach


Apologies if this puts anyone off their lunch.

I had "the runs" on Tuesday night, after running home. spent a couple of hours with stomach cramps in and out of the loo. The runs subsided but i felt terrible when i woke on Weds so rang in sick and went back to bed. This morning, I got the tube into work, but even walking caused an uncomfortable tight pain in my stomach. I have no other symptoms, and I suspect I ate something dodgy and now my intestines are a little sensitive, but is it worth me trying my run home tonight or should i give it another day until my gut feels right? I suspect I could manage the 5 miles home but the jarring on abdomen will probably make it quite an unpleasant experience.

I'm not often ill so not sure how seriously to take it. Apart from tightness in lower abdomen i'm symptom free. i'm erring on the side of running, i can always hop on a bus if it turns out to be too painful to make the run worthwhile.


  • Depends what happens between now and finish time. If you'ree loose get the bus and if in doubt and still desiring to run, get some fixative from the chemist!!! Personally I would wait and also get it checked out

  • Also your upset stomach will have left you dehydrated so drink plenty of water whether you decide to run or not - but especially if you do.

  • I would agree with Straycelt that you should give it another day or so, but would also suggest you get some Diarolyte Relief from the chemist.  It's a thicker (and quite milky) substance than normal diarolyte and has helped immensely in stopping further symptoms - the only down side is that it tastes ultra vile! Good luck.

  • my "runs" have stopped. In fact they stopped by the time i went to bed on tuesday night. But the tightness remains a bit. my bike is at work, so i think i'm going to cycle home tonight, and see how i feel in the morning and perhaps run into work, or cycle in and run home.

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