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I need some advice on training for two distances at once. For work I have to run 1.5m sub 13 mins, so my core routine has always been mainly speedwork, but last year I took up long distance running for fun, but I've hit a plateu with both. I find if I've got a fitness test looming then my distance suffers and I can't break 10k, but then when I'm concentrating on putting miles in my 1.5 slows right down. Is it possible to combine both in one training plan? I'm not too worried about running my distances fast right now, but I want to keep my 1.5 at around 10/11 mins. At the moment my routine is something like this:

Day 1: 2m uphil moderate/hard

Day 2: 5m moderate

Day 3: Sprint assisted/resisted drills

Day 4: 2m moderate

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Not sure what you consider a long distance?  It should be possible to combine the two to a certain extent, as you need to be able to maintain a 7 min/mile for your 1.5m.

    You may find marathon training would impact your speed, but anything upto 10k (maybe even HM) should be benficial to your 1.5m time.

    I'm assuming your 4 days mentioned above are a weekly schedule?  This equates to 10m per week, which is not a lot of running an I would have thought would be the minimum required to maintain your 1.5m goal.  So you probabaly want to consider running more.

    You also seem to have made the common mistake of running everything at a moderate pace.  I just found this article on the US site that explains the problem with doing this better than I can:



  • I would propose that improving your endurance (by doing more regular long runs) would bring down your time for your 1.5mile run. Elite middle distance runners don't get to the top of their game by running 1500m or 5000m day after day, they train at high volumes to get fit, and introduce specific speed training runs to sharpen their race speed. I understand that it's not your aim to become an elite 1.5 mile runner, but the same practice can be applied to you. The elites don't run miles and miles for fun, they do it because it works, and it'll work for you too. There may be a point at which weekly volume is not appropriate to your goal of a fast 1.5 mile run as stutyr suggests, but it's unlikely you'll do yourself any harm by doubling or trebling your weekly mileage. The big caveat is do this gradually. Don't jump from 10-12 miles a week to 30 miles a week in one go. Do it bit by bit, allowing your body to absorb the extra demand and get stronger. And run the additional miles at a comfortable/conversational pace.

  • Agree with above totally. The more mara training I do the faster my 10ks get. Try and find the USMC 100 day schedule from couch potato to 10miles in 60 mins. or drop me an e-mail and I'll send you the spreadsheet. Increase your mileage by around 10% per week and you should be fine

  • Not enough miles in your routine to improve really. the easy runs should be 30mins minimum.

    Straycelt, thats sounds ridiculous, 100 days from couch potatoe to 10miles in 60mins. no chance!  even someone with a sports background would struggle with that! I've got to have a look at that schedule, just for a laugh.

  • Couch potato to 10K in 60 mins would make a lot more sense.

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