Racer shoes advice needed please!! - current trainer:Brooks Ravenna

Hey all! 

I would really appreciate some help! im currently running in brooks ravenna (slight over pronation, mild support needed) for long runs and trail runs then switching to the brooks pure cadence for track and rep sessions but i would love a pair of racers for up coming 10k. I have been using my brooks pure cadence for races but i dont know if there is anything better out there for me which would be more suitable? Oh and i run on my toes pretty much - if that affects anyones advice? 

im currently looking at the addidas range, either the adizero adios 2 or they have a new one called the adizero feather? i would like to try addidas so any guidance would be GREAT! image 


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    In my experience, if you run on your toes then it doesn't matter much what shoes you wear. 

    Support shoes are rendered irrelevant if your heels never touch the ground. So you could probably wear race shoes to train in.

    The fastest distance runners invariably run on their toes and pronate.

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