Stratford upon avon marathon

Hi guys! Anybody taking part in this next april?


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Not this year. Was in last yr but due to the rain it was reduced to a half. Seems like it would be a nice race to do on a decent day. Was going to go and do it in 2013 but got a Good For Age for London so will prob go back to Stratford in 2014.
  • me me me me!!  i am in to do it after receiving the rejection mag from VLM again!!  looking forward to it - i went to school in Stratford so its familiar territory!  image

  • just be prepared if it is foul weather it could be cancelled

    last year it was cancelled and only announced as people were on the start line in the horrible windy and rainy weather, in fact some people at the back didnt even know it had been cancelled until they did the half and then went across a finish line 

    i have driven the route and in the nice weather it looks a really nice run 

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