Hip pain

I've started back running after a break of a few months and I've got a pain in my right hip.  I noticed it about a week and a half ago after a run but it wasn't too bad.  It seemed to be easing off a bit as I could feel it when walking and I ran about a mile this evening and it got very sore.  I don't have any pain in my knees or anything at the mo.

Anyone else had anything like this?  I just started back training and I'm debating whether to rest it for about 2 weeks or just go see/pay a physio to check it out in the next few days.


  • I've been out of action since September with something similar - didn't seem very serious at the time but Its taking ages to heal.

    Still on the info you've provided it could be a number of things. Physio usually a good idea although I've had 2 physio appointments and a sports massage. ??100+ down the line and no further forward.
  • If the pain only comes on during a run, but eases quickly after you've stopped it is more than likely to be caused by musles acting on your hip joint.  Commonly they have become chronicly tight and therefore restricting certain hip movments during running (hip flexion/extension, internal/external rotation or abduction/adduction).   This creates tension/pain as other muscle have to over-compensate and gradually 'cramp-up' around the hip.

    Typical culprits are tight ilopsoas/ piriformis / Tensor Fascia Lata or gluteus medius (on BOTH hips).  But could be any of 30-odd muscles acting on the hip joint!  Try stretching the above in the first instance, but should check with good sports physio if not clearing up after a week or so...

  • What if it comes on after a run?
  • I have pain in my right hip that gets worse when running but eases off if I rest. I've self diagnosed hip bursitis which is caused by overuse. Treatment is anti-inflammatories, steroid injections or ultrasound. I'm trying a couple of weeks rest and ibuprofen. I've had it before in my left hip and a self-imposed running break (pregnancy and birth!) got rid of it.

  • Pain coming on after a run means a more inflammatory response rather than purely mechanical.   It suggests a more chronic condition, that could still be only muscular, but could also mean tendoniosis or joint ligament damage, which is associated with  'achy' pains and stiffness after sitting a long time or first thing in morning.  Intial treatment in this case is pretty much the same as muscle treatment (stretching) but generally will take longer to clear up and you have to be more careful with rehab exercises and increasing load through the hips (to prevent flare-up).  Sharper type pain could suggest more neurological or joint cartilage issue, which may resolve with soft tissue work and mobilisation from sports physio.  IF your pain is more or less constant, depending on severity of symptoms there maybe more serious underlying condition but, of course, if you have a constant high level of pain, you should be speaking to your doctor.

  • elephant in the room

    Doesn't sound like a hip issue, but smells like a back problem..

  • I never forget.   You'd have to asses lumber and SI joints obviously, but from what info we've got i'd still say foot or hip.

  • Pablo - ditto what SixPhys & RT suggest - may be a back problem & worth considering that area as well as other muscles which attach into the hip (glutes, TFL, piriformis).....I had nagging pain in my right hip for 2 months & after resting what I thought was a hip injury Osteo diagnosed a problem with one of the muscles in the back (QL) which attaches to the iliac crest of the hip. 2 treatments & I was back to 100%

    Hope you get it sorted soon. Definitely worth getting it assessed by a specialist (as you've just come back from a break from running anyway)

  • Meant to give an update.

    I've been resting it for a week or so now and it does seem to be getting better.  One thing I forgot to mention was that it was a slight niggle initially a couple of weeks ago, then last Thursday I ran home from work.  I'd never done that before so I had a backpack on my back with runners, jeans, t-shirt, fleece and a big heavy jacket in it.  It was a bit uncomfortable running with it if I'm honest and I kept have to twist around a bit to see if it was opening up (the backpack was so full it unzipped itself 3 times) so I suspect a combination of all those things caused me some issues.

    This was the first time I'd ever run with any backpack so I suspect that didn't help.  I don't plan to do it again either as it was quite uncomfortable and felt very restrictive.

  • RUNNERS THERAPIST wrote (see)

    Typical culprits are tight ilopsoas/ piriformis / Tensor Fascia Lata or gluteus medius (on BOTH hips). 

    Yup, I had acute hip bursitis - came on very suddenly during a 6 mile race - which turned out to be a pulled psoas and which settled down very quickly after one session of quite painful massage. Obviously I'm not saying that all hip pain is due to that, just mentioning my experience of it...

  • I have a similar problem which I was goping to post! I will post it here as none of these strategies seem to have cured it image I have spent about £130 pounds since August and still have the problem. Here is my post

    I have a long standing problem with my hip/ITB which is really getting me down. I saw a physio in August in Chamonix and have been doing core strengthening exercise regularly. Although I have been running (short-30min easy runs) since then, on trails whenever possible, my hip has never felt quite right. This month I have had 2 deep gluteal massages from a local physio which have helped to relieve the tightness, but after yesterdays run my hip was really sore again!
    I would be grateful for any suggestions
    Thanks LinofDe

  • Hello LinofDe,

    Longstanding problems are always going to be hard to diagnosis...   Did any of your treatments involve streching your Iliacus or Psoas muscles??  If not then i would suggest trying that yourself.  Look up stretchs on internet, but make sure you are not arching your back while doing them.  Also worth going over Glut medius and piriformis streches again. 

    What glut strengthening exercises are you doing??  Please don't say clams!  You should be doing 1-leg squats and multidirectional lunges.


  • Went to the physio this morning.  Well he's actually a physical therapist who specialises in sports injuries.  My issue is the TFL muscle and where it rubs against a tendon.  He treated it and gave me some stretches to do and said I can start running again on Tuesday.

  • How weird, I came online to see if anyone else had a similar problem... mine started about a month ago and it was like a stitch in lower left on hip.  Never hurt when I ran at all, only after if sitting still for a long time (desk work image ).

    Have been going to physio and he has given me lots of stretches and I found some more online below if it is a psoas problem anyone here is suffering from.

    It has suddenly got worse for me but I live in a hilly area and probably aggravated it on the hills.  I had this about 20 yrs ago and despite physio etc, eventually I stopped running for about 3-5 months and that was the only cure.  I really can't bear to stop that long again so am still going to physio and will even try the broomcstick method (see below :0). Hope you guys have better luck than me with this ruddy muscle....

    See below if you have sometiing similar..




  • Sounds good, TFL is at top of the IT band and is a synagist of the psoas and iliacus.  Therefore it could get tight when you're running or sitting lots etc. giving the same tight hip flexor symptoms.  Hope stretches help!  

    Not sure about the broom handle thing! Sounds too painful!

  • An update on my progress

    I went to my doctor and he referred me to the physio on the NHS-wish I had known that before! The physio thinks my problem is tight, glute muscles and I have had another 2 deep massages (very painful) and have been doing some running specific yoga stretches I found on the internet and the psoas stretch the runners therapist reccomended and......it seems to be improving, I have run 3x this week and although it has felt a bit sore after each run, the yoga stretches seem to ease the soreness. I am even thinking of a half marathon in the Spring!

    Hope this might help  Linda

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