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  • Six Physio wrote (see)

    ....if you want a diagnosis, it sounds alot like plantar fasciitis.

    The cause is the key to getting you back running pain free, rather than just feeling better from run to run.

    Have a good look at the support your shoes give (or not!), was this a big increase in speed, distance or terrain? Any knee, hiop or back pain?


    nothing different to the norm - my running shoes are about 3mths old and have been fine to date. i guessed it was PF related but always asumed that was something that built up over time rather than just springing up over night.

  • It's the straw that breaks the camels back. The cause may not be obvious (yet).

    Best advice is to think of it as an acute injury. Rest, ice, no massage or stretching but do roll on your calfs and keep in good footwear for the next 7-10 days.

    Slowly return to paced activity - allowing minimal symptoms. If this fails go get help, could be in for the long haul.
  • I know it's a week late! But I wondered if I could ask you something else in connection to my first question on knees as I've got myself into a bit of a mess. Also. good at cakes, rubbish at bread making, so a session on that would be good as well.

    Anyway, back to knees. Have been for 2 four miles runs to start building it up again. left a day in between to rest. Yesterday the last mile felt very sore, so stopped . By the evening, there was bruising, like 2 finger marks on the outside of my knee! Pretty worried now, as it feels sore and I have a race on Sunday.

    Help me OB1! 

  • Ah, the cupcake is strong in this one

    Ice, anti inflams and rest til Sunday.

    Foam roll every few hours over your ITB and stretch your calf too.

    Don't poke the bruise but it maybe an indication of the uncontrolled rotatory forces running through your knee. Don't over stride - smaller steps is good.

    Use the force.....
  • Trying to master the art of the muffin this week, going to give the beetroot and chocolate a go as recommended by the baking strand.

    Just read your advise after a spinning session. Oh well, rest from now.

    Thank you for that, I was having a bit of a panic, feeling more relieved. Small steps, gotcha. 

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