Brooks Pure Project - availability and choice?


Hi All

I am based outside UK and periodically visit the country. I buy all my gear from the UK since certain brands are not found back home and I like trying them out before buying.

I am concerned that a number of shops in London do not have either the Brooks Pure Connect or the Pure Cadence. I tried Sweatshop and Run & Become  - the latter are still checking but Sweatshop do not stock it at all.

Any help in this regard will be appreciated.


My second question is re the choice: Connect, Cadence and Flow.

I am a 1.75m/81kg/mid foot striker, running up to HM distances.

Low arched, wide feet, slightly pronating - normally run with Ghost 4 with soft insoles and the Brooks ST5 without insoles. Both are excellent.

I thought of the Cadence but what about Connect and Flow?

Any help would be highly appreciated.




  • Runners Need, with about 10 sites in London, have a great selection, and if they dont have the ones you need, can get them in very quickly.

    Best thing would be to pop in next time you're in town and try on all three on the treadmill. I swear by the flows for roads and the grits for trails (although use NB MT110's too)...

  • I am sure i have seen them on Amazon

  • Runners Need in Holborn definitely used to stock them, although the branch on Waterloo Bridge doesn't.

  • I have a pair of the Pure Cadence and for me they are almost a great shoe, a couple of  small niggles stop them from being perfect in my opinion. The nav band is a too tight for my liking and the sole isn't as grippy as some other shoes.

    Having said that they do feel very good when striking the ground and pushing off, a smooth ride. I think Kinvara's are better, havent tried the rest of the series but would be interested to see what they are like.

  • Sweatshop in Teddington stock the pure range. I would suggest you try cadence or flow - connect feels really weird with strong arch support
  • Sweatshop in Rathbone Place (off Oxford street) sell them
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