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About 7 years ago, I was running in London and went from a dirt track to a hard surface ant the same time as turning left and felt a severe sharp pain in my knee. Ever since then I have a pain in my knee which runs from infront of the knee cap down to the top of the shin bone. It is more painful when going up or down stairs. I was in the Armed Forces when this happened and left 2 years later, not because of the knee but I got married and wanted a family. I didn't do any training until about a month and a half ago and began a "Couch to 5k" program. My knee was hurting all the time anyway so figured it may be because the thigh muscles were not able to support knee when the foot went down (I'm an over-pronator) so thought keep at it and the leg will get up to speed.

It's not the case.

So to a new plan of attack ... I still think weight is an issue, not being fat but just my body having to carry 85kg on each strike is too much for my under developed knee tendons/ligaments/connecting muscles so want to use cycling as a substitute for running. The run I did today was 25mins long, I did 3.07 miles, av. pace 11:26/mile. I did end up walking at some points (I'll start another thread for this one) but my fastest pace was 7:42/mile, I burned 423 calories.

If I cycle does anyone know how long and at what pace I'd have to do that for to burn the same amount of calories?

Sorry for the long post, but thanks for getting this far.


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    Hi Alex, just replied to your other post so you may want to ignore my advice about a C25K plan image

    Have you had your knee checked by a Doctor and maybe an MRI scan?  Its possible that you tore tendons or cartillage in the original accident, so its worth seeing your GP and finding out whether its worth further investigation.

    From memory, you need to cycle roughly three times further to equal a run.  However, cycling won't help strengthen your knee as one of the benefits of cycling is that your weight is borne by the saddle & handlebars rather than your legs.  I used cycling as rehab after a knee operation for this specific reason! 


  • Hi Alex - you figures don't add up about your run. 3 miles in 25 minutes would suggest 8:20 per mile but you said you averaged 11:26 per mile ? (Not that that is as important as your injury)
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