Professor Brian Cox



  • Ahem,

    Quiet please.

    Now gather around.

    I think you'll all be impressed by this.....I went to school with him. Reckon I got him hooked on physics (I've also got a degree in it).

    OK, the second bit isn't true, but I did go to school with him but was in the year above him.

    Of course, if any ladies would like an introduction to him, it could be arranged. Just send me some photos, and we'll arrange to meet up a few times before I pass them onto him.image


  • I liked the it when they asked Brian Cox's wife what he was like at home.....  and she said he's a usless geek at home as well !

  • He's got a wife ??!!


    Gia Milinovich aka Mrs Brian Cox

  • image

  • OMG....a thread on said professor! I can't stand him, it's the way he looks, the way he speaks, the way he sounds! image

    Don't know why, eeek...but he gets on my nerves! No offence to anyone else who likes him, I'm sure he's multi-talented, super clever and very famous, it might just be me image

    Rant over.

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