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I'm looking into getting a head torch now the darkness is upon us.  I generally run in the early morning, but even at 6.50am it's not that light at the moment and will only get darker.  I really only run on the roads, but I live in a small town and often streetlights are out or there are roads without lighting on and I struggled to see kerbs and potholes last year so I'm thinking that a head torch would be worth investing in.  I don't need a super-dooper flashy thing as I don't run that far and am not going off road, but just something that would enable me to see where I'm going, and on roads withouth pavements enable cars to see me better!

I have no idea how much they are but I don't have a very large budget so recommendations at the cheaper end of the scale please!



  • Petzl Tikka XP.

  • Seriously?  Is that really the cheaper end of the scale?  Blimey, I had no idea they'd be that expensive image  That's out of my budget range!

  • Alpkit Gamma. Much cheaper and brighter than my old Tikka.Not tried the new one though but the Gamma works for me. 

  • I bought an Alpkit Gamma £15, good enough to run offroad, although the batteries prob last about 9 hours on High setting


  • The XP is small, light, and seriously bright.  This is also well-regarded, but is probably heavier.

  • Go in to Millets, other outdoor stores are available, and see the cheapest ones they have (circa £15).  They'll be fine to use for a morning run.

    Eurohike tend to be pretty standard.

    The Petzl's are very good and robust and would be perfect if you were spending a week on Dartmoor, but probably overkill in this case. 

  • thats the one i have Intermanaut. excellent and not heavy at all.

  • Ah, £15 sounds much more what I was hoping for!  Don't live near a Millets Paul but will check out the Alpkit Gamma one, especially as that comes with two recommendations so far image

  • Ah, make that three recommendations, didn't realise Intermanaut had posted the same thing image  I see it has a strobe setting, I could have my own little disco while I'm out! image   And the Fandango Gamma is pink!  I need to find one of those! image

    Thanks everyone!

  • Following threads about head torches I find I am generally left in the dark about them. It would be good if someone could enlighten me about them.
  • Personally I don't see the need for a headtorch for running on roads and lanes, but Alpkit Gamma will definitely more than meet your needs for that.

  • I'm not happy to run down narrow roads with no pavements and no streetlights when it's dark Exiled Claret!  I have done myself more than enough damage over the years without setting myself up for a fall image

    Can't find the Fandango one anywhere though and the Alpkit people said they didn't get any pink ones in the last box of them. image

  • Another vote for alpkit gamma!!!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    alpkit gamma is by far the best 15 quid ive ever spent!!!

  • +1 for Alpkit Gamma. Note this also provides a red LED on the battery pack at the back, which you can set to steady or flashing, which may be useful to increase the chance of you being seen by cars etc.

  • I bought one of these at the local 'Go Outdoors' last Wednesday


    By god it's bright!!!!, even on half-power (even the micro-torch is damned superb for its size)

    On full, they'll illuminate the far end of a football field

    However.............. if you're feeling like really splashing out, there's always the Hope R4



  • My Alpkit Gamma conked out after a couple of years and I would have got another but it was out of stock.

    Currently using a Silva Trailrunner which is very comfortable and seriously bright with a better light than the Gamma. But it seems to have shorter battery life and it lacks the extras like the rear light. It is better than the Gamma but not t three-times-the-price better. Which probably means the Gamma is a cracking bargain rather than the Silva is overpriced.

    Considering getting another Gamma anyway, it's such a great buy.

  • im going to go for the Lenser H7R, for £45, sounds like the only headtorch I'll ever need. bring on the off road night runs! will report back in afew weeks. Looks like there are loads of fakes about though, so will be careful who I buy it off!

  • I'm very happy with my H7 - main problem is it's too bright to read in bed in a tent, even on lowest setting. I'm going to have to get a puny little headtroch for that. I don't really like running with a headtorch, but I have done it, and it does the job just fine. If I was designing it I would put an extra strap over the top of the head & I'm a bit undure of the battery cover, though it's never let me down yet.

  • Great topic, thanks guys image

    Have just ordered an Alpkit Gamma - bring on the early morning off-road runs image

  • Don't suppose you found the pink one anywhere Marie?!  image

  • Erm won't it be dark when you're using it ? So who will see it's pink ? image

  • I'll know it's pink Cougie!  I still wear nice undies even though no-one else can see them, same thing image

  • No sorry, pink is not really my thing if I'm honest image

    Have gone for a very fetching aqua colour .... will match my running jacket and camelbak!

  • Muttley I own the Silva TR as well and the battery life on it is a joke. used it on the TP100 this year and got about 6 hours of light on the medium setting. Brand new Duracell batteries as well.

    Anyhow have just bought a Alpkit and used it a couple of times on club runs and love it.

    It is the best £15 you can spend on a headtorch. Magic

  • I agree - used my new Alpkit on my run this morning and it was excellent.  The fit is great (good range of adjustment) and it lit up the canal path a treat.  Can't wait for tomorrow morning now!

  • Intermanaut wrote (see)

    Petzl Tikka XP.

    That is not a cheap head torch! And at only 80 lumens not very bright, i've got a petz tika 2, 30 lumens, it's pretty rubbish, barely lights the ground a few feet away. I bought one of these G3 CREE Q5 at 400 lumen (can be had for £5 if you look) you can actually see where you're going on completely unlit roads, dirt tracks. I carry it with the petzl.

    I also bought one of these to use on my bike, though i've run with it too, TrustFire CREE XM-L T6 LED ( i didn't actually buy it..it was... free...lol) at 1800 lumen it's literally brighter than a car head lamp, fantastic torch!



  • IckleMini wrote (see)

    I agree - used my new Alpkit on my run this morning and it was excellent.  The fit is great (good range of adjustment) and it lit up the canal path a treat.  Can't wait for tomorrow morning now!

    It seems like a good one to go for, I am just wondering if it has quite a wide beam, the one I have now is a narrow beam with not much spread, can you shed any light? image

  • Hi TST

    I've got the Alpkit one too - not in pink though.  I got mine of Amazon.

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