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  • Mine's arrived this morning, got the (boring) desert one in the absence of the exciting pink one!  Ran this morning so am tempted just to go for a little walk this evening so I can try it out! image

    pottermiss wrote (see)

    It seems like a good one to go for, I am just wondering if it has quite a wide beam, the one I have now is a narrow beam with not much spread, can you shed any light? image

    I can take some pictures when I go out tonight if you like Pottermiss?  I don't know the spread of yours so wouldn't know if it is better or worse, but if I tried to take some photos of how much it lights up that might help?

  • Pottermiss - how wide a beam do you need ? Its wide enough to light up the path that you're running on - if it were spread wider - it wouldnt be as bright  - and why would you need the sides of the path lit ?  


    If you're navigating cross country on untamed terrain you might need something brighter  - but for paths and trails in the pitch black - this is enough. 

  • Went out for a walk down one of the back roads near us on Monday night and it was brilliant!  Mr TST reckoned it was probably nearly as bright as his 600cc motorbike's headlight when it's on dipped image  Also nearly accidently blinded him by turning my head to talk to him and shining it right in his eyes image image  Will try and take some photos when I am out in the dark next Monday.

  • Thanks for the info, I am going to order one tonight - those on this thread should get commission image. I've not really got comfortable with running on my own in the dark yet so just wanted as much light as I could get without spending loads, this sounds ideal.

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    On the back of the recommendations I ordered the Alpkit. Very useful thread, thanks. Arrived today. I was using a Silva Siju, but it gives only the bare minimum illumination. Now hopefully away from the streetlights I can see where the bloody hell I'm going.
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