Alternative to Brooks Adrenaline

Hi, I'm looking for an alternative to these trainers. I've got the 10s, 11s and 12s but would like something similar to have as an alternative to switch it up a bit. I have quite narrow feet so Nike and Newbalance and Mizuno are out, but if anyone has any suggestions, Brooks or otherwise, I'd love the help! image


  • Have a try with Saucony Pro Grid Guide 5
  • I have used the Adrenalines for 5 years, but there was one model that was so different I couldn't wear them, and had Asics Kayanos instead. They were close but never as comfortable for me as the Adrenalines.

  • I swapped from GTS 11's to Asics 2170's. They look cool but seriously I would stick with the Adrenalines. I intend to return to them once my 2170's wear out as they're far more comfortable and stable.

  • Must agree with BK, Adrenaline 11 and 12's are far more comfortable than the Asics 21 series and i also seem to get more miles from them.  

  • Agree with BK ans PD2,


    I tried Mizuno Wave and even brooks pure cadance but I keep going back to the GTS, no shoe seems to match them

  • I've run in Adrenaline for years but just got myself the new Air Pegasus - I think it's 29(!)  They felt like slippers the second I put them on and they've been great each time I've worn them - longest run so far is 10 miles and no problems at all.

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