Bitten off more than i can chew? Unfit to Half M in 6 months?

Started a Sweat Shop beginners course about 6 months ago, have not looked back since and love running, I have completed 3 x 10k races and tend to place in the last 10!! My enthusiasm has lead me to sign up for a local half M in Dec! (Turkey Trott Keyworth Nottingham).  I have dilly dallied in my training and am now trying to step it up so i can have some chance of completing it.  The issue i have is that i feel crap and my urge is dwindling, i have been doing 10k every other day and went to do 13k today but found that i just had not energy at all and for the first time ever i quit half way through! Also i've recently started getting a stitch on my right side near my rib cage, is this due to the cold air? have never has a stich before.  I feel rather out of my depth, can i do this or have i bitten off more than i can chew?


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    No energy.

    Have you been drinking so called 'energy drinks'?

  • I did the turkey trot last year Angie and it is a great event. What is the furthest you have done in training? What is the longest long run you have done?


  • Well... (...I am crringing as i say this)... but only 13k in both training and a run! i am very willing to ready to push my self and i think that i can do it, but i felt empty today and am not sure if 10k 3-4 times a week might not be the best training plan, i need to really step it up now and in my panic may have over done it.  I live in keyworth so can train the route in parts (in the day at least) which i have done once.  As you will know mathchick its very hilly and thats fine as i am ok with hills... am really panicking that i have been training incorrectly and dont know if i have time to nail it?!?  RicF, I only tend to use water, do those energy drinks really work?


  • well, there isn't a lot of time to prepare, so don't go mad and do loads of running and end up injured/too worn out to be able to do it on the day.

    Why not try doing 8/9 miles slowly this weekend? then the weekend after do 9/10 miles? then the week before do a shorter run. Keep up the midweek runs. If you can get to 9/10 miles then you can do 13 on the day, but be prepared for it to be tough

    Last year I was behind on time and had the sweep car behind me most of the way, until they went past me and said that I was too slow (they were nicer than that) - but they did let me finish and I got my time and finisher's memento. They were still doing tea/coffee etc at the end too

    I am not an expert in terms of training, but if you are determined then you can do it, but it might be tough

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    No, for slow steady runs they make it worse. Ok for an all out blast effort or 22 miles into a marathon. 

    Can still be just a question of hydration, easy to get a bit dried out over the course of a day. First thing in the morning you can be 500ml down. You don't have to be medically dehydrated, but you do need more fluid to run effectively on. Feeling flat is a symptom.

  • Good advice from mathschick. Also do run in the week but if you can try to mix it up to keep enjoyable - 10k every other day sounds like too big (and I'm also thinking unneccessary) a challenge right now, but you have already found that out yourself. 

  • Thanks Guys some great advise! Am liking mathschick idea about 8/9 this week & 9/10 next week! Thanks for the hydration reminder too RicF, i have defo been forgetting to drink enough water in the day now the weather has got colder.  I still do the run club weds but had been missing the shorter monday runs in place of a 10k round where i live... so as Alistair said will try to mix it up more, I think i will go back to the short mon runs with club and just do one long local run (8/9 miles this week) and a meduim run weds.  When i feel 100% I think "yes i can do this" but after all those 10k runs the last few weeks i no longer feel 100%.  Think will have few rest days to see if can get back on form and try a long run feeling stronger!  Am defo determined (i think LOL) so hopefully will somehow get around on the day, really dont want the sweep car behind me though!! Thanks again guys x

  • sounds like doing all those 10k runs is too much for you. So definitely go for the shorter Monday runs.

    having the sweep car on my heels wasn't too badimage and I am used to being near the back of the pack. Just be careful that you don't set out too quickly on the day - there are lots of fast people at that run (not many of the slow runners choose to do half marathons in the winter I think). I would have been there, but am injured and can't run it - am giving my place to a friend, or else we could have met and got round together.

  • oh that would have been perfect!!  I do have someone running with me but she can be a little faster than me, hopefully having the sweep car on my tail will push me to not let it catch me! If your freind doesnt want the place i know someone who is looking for a transfer.  I hope your injury gets better soon and maybe see you at next years, are you local and did you do crossdale? I have been advised there is a half M in april in belvoir which is a nice one!  Thanks again for the advise image 

  • I didn't do crossdale this year, but did it last year - I was last!!

    might be up for the belvoir one if I am recovered from the injury. Definitely want to do Keyworth again next year


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