San Sebastian Marathon

Anyone running this, or has run it in the past?


I'd welcome any comments/feedback....


  • Doesn't seem like a popular one.  I'm running it this year after the NY fiasco. Sounds like a flat and fast one- fingers crossed!

  • BB- I've just noticed that you were also going to run NY.image Let's hope San Sebastian makes up for the disappointment assuming you decided to do it?

  • Yes, didn't want the training to go to waste!

    I'm entered but managed to strain my back last weekend so will only decide if I'll run on Friday.

    Good luck if you do run - I'm bib 2358 (I think!) with Union Jack shorts!
  • Ouch! Hope it's ok on Friday. 

    I'm 2353 (Lol we must've registered within hours).

    Hope you can make it and good luck!image

  • good luck dudes - I;m out there too! 1330 image

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