Ballbuster Nov 8th

Anybody doing this?
I'm certainly tempted - I've got a bit of spare fitness to use up before the end of the year. I last did this race in 1998 (I think) the year it rained non-stop from start to finish. It is a really testing race over Box Hill in Surrey; twice running and three times on the bike.


  • sorry - thought somebody called...
  • have done it every year since 2000.

    need to get my entry in for this year.
    not sure about next year as the price is starting to put me off a bit.
  • Yep, I'd be interested too but the price is silly money for a single event.
  • unfortunately entry is limited by parking at the start.... and they cant have relays any more cos they all brought 3 cars!

    will still do it this year if my foot is ok (checking tonight)... not sure about next year.. i have bigger fish to fry.
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