tromso polar half marathon

Having done the easy part and entered the race, I am now looking for advice of what the best gear I need to run a race in what could be harsh conditions. If anyone has done this race or something similar, I would be very grateful of any advice.


  • Layers and wool. image

    The weather in Tromso might be very similar to the winter here. If you run in the evening you will be able to test what works best for you. Good luck! I'm hoping to run it as well.
  • Take a look at this thread. It's a lot warmer place than you might expect, due to the Gulf Stream.

  • Sound advice as always, Steve C image  I've read all your forum posts about the Polar Half and have put together a few outfits to cater for all eventualities. You've been very helpful. Thank you. 

    Are you running the race this year?

  • I doubt it, but I often get tempted image At least, I haven't booked as of now, Lilia.

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