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  • Completely agree Phil.

    Wilkie wrote (see)

    Cats also kill many thousands of wild birds and small mammals (and frogs - my friend's cat used to bring dead frogs into the house as 'gifts').


    I'd dispute the figures actually. A few cats are born hunters, but most are pretty thick. I've had 5 cats spanning several decades and between the lot of them all we've had is 2 dead starling chicks (that had already fallen out of the nest) and one mouse that escaped. 


    According to this 1 in 3 cats hunt.

    Mine proudly brought home a balled up pair of mens socks! But the only living prey I've ever seen evidence of, is his ability to cat and eat spiders.

  • My ex-M-i-L's cat used to catch and eat starlings.  All that would be left was the beaks.  A man I used to work for had a cat which would catch moles as they came up out of their burrows.  There were the frogs my friend used to have to pick up off her carpet.

    The RSPB website says:

    "The most recent figures are from the Mammal Society, which estimates that the UK's cats catch up to 275 million prey items a year, of which 55 million are birds."

  • I just don't think the figures are accurate - from the last RSPB survey I saw (used to be a member) I seem to remember they extrapolate them from figures collected by owners of known hunter cats. It doesn't take into consideration all the really hopeless ones.

    And the solution is simple - if your cat's a hunter make kitty wear a bell.

  • When I was a kid we had a cat that would catch bats. Mother of Muttley could handle clearing away the occasional dead mouse, but mice with wings used to freak her out ... guess who had to do the honours then.

  • Our cats are forever bringing us back present, left on the back door step. Thankfully they are generally intact, but now and then we get brought back a random head (or headless body!!).

    Our 6 month old kitten proudly brought back a squirrel to our back door last week.


     The eyes say cute and innocent 'I'm giving him a hug!!', all whilst kicking the poor little thing with his back legs


  • Wow - naughty puss! 

  • they are up to high dough at the moment! image

  • Mum needs to understand that if she will wag her tail like that, it's going to get pounced on and bitten image

  • Mum looks like she's fed up with the kittens !
  • Ah look...the ginger and white one is aslepp with his ickle chin hanging over the edge of the den. I love it when he does that image

  • Last chance to see these kitttens, They're due to get adopted later today.

  • They're all gone.

    Move along, nothing to see ...

  • i am happy and sad

  • Just gotta wait til the next lot of kittens...

  • **************NEW KITTEN KLAXON**************


  • Sorry, I should have posted a couple of weeks ago that they were there image.

    If you are on FB, you can "like" The Critter Room and get updates.

    (Newt and Bishop rock image)

  • New moggies, Yay! image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    How am I going to get any work done today?

  • So I've come all this way to watch the ear of a sleeping moggie?

  • The tabby and white ones are adorable image

  • Watch the DVR recordings further down the page, mousey - the first 30 mins of their freedom from the cage is ace image

    (Is it too sad to confess I stayed up to watch that live? image)

  • Wow, it's kitten chaos in there this morning!

  • Aw this is so cute. image

  • I've not bothered to look at the link.

    What is the kitten being fed to?

  • Another five cute balls of fluff! Will be wasting lots of time with these ones!
  • Must stop watching and go to bed!

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