Forerunner 910XT course uploads & virtual racer

I've just bought a 910XT and so far I've only tested it for running and quite like it (although it is not massivly different from my old 405). However, the main reason i bought it was the virtual racer/course download function. I am really struggling with this though - so could do with some advice. I have registered the 910 to my exisiting Garmin Connect Account and i have downloaded the Communicator Plug in. I have tried to download one of my runs (downloaded from the 405) and i have tried to download runs/courses by other Garmin Connect users. Neither has worked. When i click on "send to device" i get the Send to Device  dialogue box. This only finds the 910XT. So I have selected this and clicked the "send course" button. I then get one of those count down timer thingys then a message in the dialogue box saying "course successfully sent to device". However then i go to my 910XT watch and navigate here:Mode/menuTrainingcourses i can't see anything. All i see if an empyt box and 2 options under that: New (left) delete all(right). When i click the enter button all i can see are the previous runs. I can select these to race. But I want to use other runs, not recorded on this watch. The same is true of the virtual racer option. Does anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Have i not enabled something?

If anyonce can help I'd really apprecaite it! Thanks

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