Hi, I have started menopause at 49, doctor said my hormones were very high, did loads of tests but nothing bad has come back, I feel like I have no energy, running feels sooo difficult at the moment, haven't got flushes but got major sore boobs, stomach cramps, periods all over the place and feel very hormonal, I am taking menopace but dont know if they are doing anything or not, but it feels like such an uphill struggle all of the time, sometimes I think I am gonna go to the doctors and ask for HRT then another time I think noooo, I will ride with it.... can't seem to make my mind up... glad to hear other like minded women out there image


  • My suggestion is to get a few books from Amazon.  Opinions are biased, whereas a book will be much better researched & will give you much better base to make your own decisions from.

    My only 'personal' experience of HRT is from my Mum & a co-worker.  My Mum took it and only really experienced hot flushes.  My co-worker didn't and had many problems along the way, including a significant bone thinning.  

    Good luck with it all.  Take care.

  • Hi Karen,

    I'm 48 tomorrow and the last year my periods have been more irregular. Have been suffering with sore boobs and they get very swollen, a bit like when you have just had a baby. Also am more tired and and getting more emtional. I get more hot in bed at night, but not hot flush level.

    My running was faster in the first half of this year, but that due to me getting PF in my foot and then pulling my hamstring 4 weeks ago image
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