Pain on top of foot

Hi can anyone give me advice please? It's 22 weeks to the VLM 2013 and I have developed a horrid injury to the top of my foot. I don't think I've had my laces too tight and cannot think what could have caused this. The soreness is just where my foot joins my leg and towards the outer side of my foot. I've tried icing it and resting but its still really sore and I am limping even when walking. Any one had anything similar?


  • Look up tendonitis and see if it fits? If it's really bad, consider stress fracture. If a few days of RICE plus possibly ibuprofen don't help, I'd go see your GP (if yours is any use for running injuries) or a good physio. Don't panic; you've got time to have a week or two off if you need to, but do try to get it sorted.

  • This sounds like what Ive got. Im a physio and it sounds like tendonitis of the extensor tendons that lift the toes and ankle. Stretch them (3 times a day 1min hold minimum) by pointing your toes and leaning down on them. You should feel a stretch going over front of foot, front of ankle and up front of leg. ibuprofen, rest and elevation.avoid shoes where you have to grip your toes to keep them on, such as flip flops or backless slippers. Hope this helps. I must now practice what I preach!

  • I got a nasty pain across top of my right foot down my big toe after running for a few weeks in Vibram five fingers. The pain was horrible and I could not bend my foot to walk. It eased off but I still feel it now when I run or walk. I can bend my toes, curl them up, push on every bit of my foot without any problem but once I run I can feel it half way up my foot inline with my big toe.....Does anyone think this is tendons or something more serious I am missing ?

    I dont use VFF now to run in, I run off road in Inov-8 trailroc's 255

  • Being a physio, I would say It sounds exactly like tendonitis of the extensor tendons of the foot, most specifically and commonly of the big toe. Totally adds up with the symptoms your describing, and running in VFF would certainly make this worse. The extensor tendons of the toes are meant to work as a group not individually and VFF's make you isolate each. Firstly have a couple of days off. Do some gentle long stretches, by pointing toes down then applying pressure, such as by leaning down on front of toe nails in standing (1min minimum 3 x daily). Warm the front of the leg from mid shin up with a hot water bottle and massage the muscle at the front of your leg (the one you can feel move as you wiggle your big toe). Also take some antiinflammatories (neurofen). I had exactly what you descirbe 1 week ago, did all of the above and its totally gone. Hope this helps! Oh and when you resume running, go easy on hills for a week or so, as it makes you extend your toes more than normal running.


  • Thanks Jules for the advice and thanks for taking the time to reply and help. I did it about two months ago but after a long lay off due to work I returned only to still feel it slightly. Started tonight with the stretches and work you suggested so thanks again and fingers crossed it all helps



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