Brighton Half Marathon - Feb 2013

I have a place in this event - would anyone like to buy this as I cannot do it now?


  • Do you still have this place available, Julius?

    I'd be more than happy to buy if off you.
  • I am looking for a place. Does anyone have one available?
  • Thank you for reply. I still have the place, but I asked the organisers if I could transfer it and they said that I couldn't - so the problem is that if you were to take it on you could be disallowed from taking part.

  • Cheers Juliusz.

    That's annoying isn't it? They must have changed policy since last year as I ran on a transferred place in 2011 after paying an admin fee.

    If you're happy to hang on to it for now, I'll call tomorrow to see if there's any sort of way forward.
  • Hi,

    Did you find an answer about this? Will you be able to trasfer your place? I have an entry but am not sure I will be able to run it anymore.



  • One thing I have learned this yr is that u can make as many plans as u want but always expect the unexpected to go and ruin them!!!!

    As I recover from shin splints and learnt to deal with that, last Sunday I then get the worst tooth ach I've ever had!!!!

    Ok I go to dentist on the Tuesday get it sorted and plan the weeks training, when WHAM........ Out of no where I get the FLU. First time in Seven yrs. it has knocked me for six not to mention knocked my training.

    However have now taken a few days off work (which is alien to me) and will return to work next week but not training. Going to have all of next week of and start my MT on Xmas day with a gentle 4 mile run in the morning (what did I say about not making plans,,,,,) and then start all over again. Great to read all your posts keep it going, with all the set backs I have had since September I know that if I can do it then so can you.
  • How much are people willing to sell their entries for? Cos how are they going to know that I am not you?
  • Hi - I am after a place for this half marathon. Willing to accept someone elses identity for the day (probs needs to be a girl!).

    Anyone still have a place to go?

  • Hi Juliusz, 

    Hope you're still getting notifications on this thread! 

    Happy to take your place if you still want to sell it on.  Let me know if so and I'll DM you. 

    Same goes for anyone else looking to sell a place. 


  • Power to the People.

  • Hi Vicky,

    I entered Brighton last September but due to an injury I will not be able to run so please email me if you are still looking for a female place?
  • mailed - thank you

  • Anyone? Getting a smidge desperate now.

    Hope someone can help.
  • Hi guys. Like a bonehead I though i'd registered for this one months ago but it was Bath!!!

    I can see there's plenty looking for this one but i'm happy to run under someone else's name and will reimburse you for the cost of your place. Please respond and i'll pick up the email.

    Please help!

    Many Thanks

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