Looking for some advice, I entered my first 5k for the 23rd Feb at Richmond, so far training has been a bit interrupted due to illness of my son and working commitments so not at the point I had hoped to be at training wise. Jump forward to today and I have  trodden on a nail right through the ball of my foot and unable to currently weight bear. Obviously not going to be able to swim for a few weeks due to the lovely large hole! So any suggestions what I can do training wise to try and keep/increase my CV fitness and try and keep running muscle going, or do I just accept now that it's not going to happen? 


  • It depends on whether you want a fantastic time in your 5K or if you want to just get around. The 23rd Feb is still a long way off and there are loads of 6 week running plans available, so even if you didn't run till after Christmas you would be ok.

    For training if you could get to a gym and on the cross trainer that would replicate running without the impact on your foot. Or for CV fitness cycling would do the job.


  • Thanks Rod, I had been looking rather ambiously for a sub 35min time, I suppose it's also a bit of a how long is a piece of string question too as depending how sore it is I could be running before Christmas but I'm working on ruling myself out until first week of Jan to give it plenty of time. Cheered me up to think it's not completely out of reach.

  • Hi sammi,

    In addition to a cross trainer you could a static cycle in the gym, or you could row- not sure whether this would be too painful for you!

    Best of luck in your recovery!
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