Asics 26.2 challenge


I've entered the competition and wonered if anyone knows when those selected to attend the bootcamp day on 30th Nov will be informed???



  • the successful people were all informed this if you haven't had an email or a phonecall then hard luck.......

    you could try out for the unofficail forum 6 


  • Hi Seren Nos

    Do you know when that is made known to the remaining 1650 unhappy rejections?

    How many places are there on the forum 6? How is it decided? So many questions ........

    At least now I'm a forumite image


  • they never inform the unsuccessful ones.its just past the final date and they have tweeted that all successful people have been informed.............

    the forum 6 was 6 people and everyone who fancies a go is asked to make a pitch on a thread...just stating a bit about their running past.......the kind of mileage they are doing and what races they plan to do.....these are then handed to an independant person who selects them.......getting a range of people and aims........they ae then announced just before christmas with their own thread where they can get to meet their mentor

    so its not a big popularity vote.just looking for a full range of runners who can show that they are willing to work and post their thoughts and training on the forum for the rest of us to just need to run a spring marathon anywhere in the country........

    its a good bit of fun but without the free kit..and has had some brilliant results over the last 2 years

  • Obviously it is wayyyy cooler to be a Forum Sixer than an Asics Sixer    image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    image 'tis the place to be.

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