has anybody got any ideas about brick sessions .im doing a duathlon in january for the third time and want to be able to run after the bike leg and not feel like ive drunk ten pints


  • I think the key to it is practice the run bike run thing.

    I think part of the problem is that you feel that you aren't going fast at all when running as you've been used to the speed of the bike. I try to ignore that and focus on keeping ahead of the other runners, or trying to catch them.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Or practice by drinking ten pints and trying to run............ :o)

    Seriously, the only way to get used to it is to practice it. I don't think you ever get rid of the feeling, you just get more confident about how quickly the feeling will wear off, so you can ride it out.

    Also, try cycling the last half a mile of the bike leg in a gear that feels slightly too easy. The spinning motion will restore proper blood flow to your legs. (Easier said than done if there's someone up ahead you feel you might just catch!)
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    iggy, agree with others. dont get caught up in all these brick sessions they recommend in mags. just get used to running off the bike.

    also try leaning forward slightly (almost pose technique) when you start running and bring legs up a little higher. will speed up recovery process and get the blood flowing.
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  • ok il try a run every time i come back from biking thanks
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